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  1. JamesUK

    Hometown Heroes

    Simon Pegg, who was in spaced, shaun of the dead and hot fuzz
  2. JamesUK

    Superbowl Predictions

    I dunno Prince doing the half time show at the cup final would be good
  3. JamesUK

    Will at 2007 Grammys

    He is NOT on either the presenter or performer lists on the official grammy site
  4. Check it out ... http://editorial.gettyimages.com/Search/De...amp;id=73173193
  5. JamesUK

    EU Stats

    My view is UK should not be apart of Europe, I don't see how it's benefits the country and let's be honest none of the countrys like us
  6. Haha have a look at this picture http://editorial.gettyimages.com/source/se...46429&cdi=0
  7. JamesUK

    Final Box Office Numbers for TPOH

    it is the number #1 film in the UK at the moment! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6272203.stm
  8. JamesUK

    Empire Film Magazine

    Everybody in the UK should get the latest Empire It has a lot on Will, 4 page interview, review of POH, and a preview of Legend
  9. All the gang are in London, Will, Jada, Jaden and even Chris Gardener has made the trip http://editorial.gettyimages.com/source/se...p;p=7&tag=1
  10. JamesUK

    Will's UK tv and radio appearances

    Becuase of a cock up by the movie studio he wasn't on Radio 1 today
  11. JamesUK

    GMTV Tuesday

    Just saw an advert on T.V. for GMTV next week it says that Mr Smith will be on, doesn't say anything about if he's in the studio or what time
  12. JamesUK

    Empire Film Magazine

    It's the one with Transformers on the front, It says Will Smith bottom left of cover
  13. JamesUK

    Michael Jackson world tour in 2007?

    I will join you also, but I have a feeling I would have to kill someone to get tickets ... would be worth it tho
  14. JamesUK

    Michael Jordan and Wife Divorce

    Well if she takes all his money, he could always make a comeback, haha I'm joking ofcourse he's one of my idols!!
  15. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/5270414.stm Actor Tom Cruise has come last in a poll to find the celebrity people would most like to have as their best friend. Jack Black, star of King Kong and Nacho Libre, came top of the poll, which was run by Yahoo! Entertainment. Black beat Johnny Depp, who came second, followed by Will Smith and Samuel L Jackson.
  16. JamesUK

    Tonight He Comes starts filming in May

    This sounds like an interesting film Will is really adding some quality films to his list
  17. JamesUK

    Top 10 Soundscan Album Sales - 12/20/06

    cus he's a legend and the album is amazing were you being sarcastic? not at all, I am a big fan of his solo stuff
  18. JamesUK

    Top 10 Soundscan Album Sales - 12/20/06

    cus he's a legend and the album is amazing
  19. JamesUK

    Will Smith Gaurenteed OSCAR Nod?

    Nomination for sure ... but it will be tough to beat that Forest Whitaker guy.
  20. JamesUK

    Broadcast Film Critics nominations announced

    Personally, i'm happy with the attention 'The Queen' is getting - go England !
  21. JamesUK

    Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (live)

    Nobody can match MJ at his best
  22. There is no studio version, It was all done live You could by the CD or the DVD it has it all on there
  23. JamesUK


    don't know if this has been posted anywhere but the Smith family are in Italy for yhe wedding extravaganza pictures are on gettyimages and they showed will arriving at the airport on the news, there were sooo many people there to greet him
  24. JamesUK

    Arcade Smack

    Is anybody gonna challenge my pool crown the King needs a challenger, haha
  25. JamesUK

    Kanye sore loser at ema's

    Just seen it for myself, Mr. West - completly out of order