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The Official "I Cried during Pursuit of Happyness" thread


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i didn't see the film yet since i been so busy but lookin' forward to it, knowin' how emotional i get i'll probably cry

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Ok, I didn't cry... but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was close. I definitely heard people sniffling and saw an elderly gentleman wiping his eyes in the row in front of me. What an awesome movie... It's one of those movies where, even if you can't really relate... if you don't feel something, something's wrong with you. The chemistry between Will and his son alone... wow...

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Girls love that sensitive stuff, omg that just gave me an idea, lol, Will knows how to hook a playa up

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I can't lie... i've cried once and that was when Wills father came back and then left him again in FPOBA.

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i was doing so well, i managed the first hour or so no problem, then it got hard and i was close to tears a few times, i survived the bathroom scene only bcoz ive seen it a thousand times (it got me the first time), then at the end i fell and cried lol.

When the movie got tough i heard a woman say, i cant take it anymore i need to walk out, she was joking tho, when we got out the film tho i heard loads of women sayin they cried.

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