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The Official "I Cried during Pursuit of Happyness" thread


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Just been to see The Pursuit of Happyness.

It was a good film, not quite the film i thought it was going to be but good none the less.

Will looking for his shoe was pretty darn funny.

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Finally the movie came out in Spain yesterday and I went to see it with some friends. I didn't watch('coz i didn't want to) any of the clips that were showed in oprah and tv programs, only the bathroom scene , i guess that's why I found other scenes more emotional, like when the kid lost acptain america and at the end, my other girlfriends cried i didn't :3-laugh3: boys like the movie too.

one of the trailers before the movie was reing over me, the movie woth adma sandler don cheadle an JAda, it was all in family!

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I don't know what RT's was smoking when they gave this movie only a 66% rating, the movie deserves at least 80%.

It was a beautiful artisticly played out visually classic movie. I loved it, and this movie will be on my DVD list because it is one of those

movies a human being has to have.The movie seemed depressing to a lot of critics but it was immensely motivating for me.

When the credits started to roll I felt so happy like I could take on the entire world, it was a great feeling and I loved it.

People complained it was too depressing, but the movie had enough funny moments in it, I loved the ''I sent you 2 boats,dummy'' joke.

Overall a great movie that every human being should watch.

Did I cry ? You bet :)

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It was depressing but that really happened and it had a good ending, u can learn a lot about that like if you work hard u'll get what u want. The joke was funny people laughed in that part. I'll ahve to wait to the dvd to see the movie with the original voices and see Will and Jaden's performance at 100%, I'm sure the movie is much better in the original version.

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