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What Are You Listening To? XIV

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Life Goes One (2006)

I've been waiting 4 this album 2 drop since last winter. Those of u who like old school Hip-Hop, witty new school rap and the Beastie Boys, u may wanna check them at www.loosecannonmusic.net or www.myspace.com/loosecannonmusic

Check the trax Fat Girl, High Life, New York City Girls, Gettin' Drunk, Jamie Got Her Boobs Done, and Breaking Up. Silly stuff.

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Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Man i just love that track! One of my fave Rock/Punk Songs

I actually like a lil bit of Nirvana myself. I got their Unplugged album and added this song, and that's enough for me.

Hot Rod feat. Mary J. Blige - Be Easy

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Curtis Mayfield - "New World Order", "Move On Up" & "Here But I'm Gone (ft. Lauryn Hill)".

I always wanted to hear a good singer who do not only sing about love to a woman, but about other serious stuff. Unfortuneatly he is dead:( (he recorded a cd after an accident when he got paralayzed from his neck to his legs) I place here link to his videos:


Good stuff.

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