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What Are You Listening To? XIV

Da Brakes

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Brake Yourself Intro

It's All abou Da Brakes


Battle Of The Sexes

Thos Who Cant Rap Mc

I Dont Wanna Know

Who Is Da Brakes

Thank You

Yeah those are the tracks that I wanted people to hears at the time believe it or not! The actual album contained these tracks:


Its All About Da Brakes

Who Can Test Me?


Battle Of The Sexes

Those Who Can't Rap, MC!

Times Ain't Well


The Journey (Interlude)

I Don't Business

Who Is Da Brakes?

Thank You

If you didn't get a copy at the time you'd be lucky to hear them again!!

Wait a minute?!?! Repackaged? Are you selling your 1st too now Brakes?

No no!! :shakehead: This was just a few songs I put up on my old website of songs that featured on that album! I removed some of the songs that i didn't want people to hear!!


Blak Twang: Thumbs Up

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