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Will's house

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i found the best thing ever on youtube, some1 filmed Will's house while they were picking up Kyle his nephew, it is real coz its the one we saw the satalite picture of. No wonder Will did all those movies instead of the music if it buys him a house like that!


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its good to see wills studio.. but I doubt Will would want his house on youtube! :smart:

am I the only one thinking Kyle's in store for an a** whippin'?

I mean seriously to just go film inside somebody's house wtf?

Im with you.. I doubt Will wants every1 seeing his private home on the internet!! think of all the lorettas out there etc...

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Thats pretty messed up that its ended up on YouTube. Kyle is showing Tangled Thoughts (a hip hop group from Philly) around the house. One of the group members goes by the name of Cas, and as you can see the user who uploaded the video, his screen name is Cas5. So its more than likely a member of the group whose posted it. Its wack really, its a very nice house and all, but to invade his privacy is unnacceptable.

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I would go crazy if someone filmed my house and put it up on the internet!But the house was really nice! but you did only see like 10% of it... Cause we know it's HUGE!

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