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For anyone who wants to play, or those who started but have a low rank, now's the perfect time to start playing. There's a lot of folks with a lot of money and no defenses (~cough~fresh~cough~). With their money, you'll be able to upgrade quick and become competitive.

hhah oh man i thought u said u are smart :shrug:

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holy ****........you couldve at least used some lube when you sabotaged me

I feel violated! :jusmindyabizness: :jusmindyabizness:

so does Chief... but he enjoyed it :wiggle:

Thats a clean shot right there.. right between the eyes.. :3-laugh3: :3-laugh3: :rofl:

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Your troops inflict 480 damage on the enemy!

The enemy sustains 0 casualties!

Chief forces attack and inflict 405 damage on your army!

Your army sustains 0 casualties!

You defeated the enemy!

Your generals report on your weapon damage:

Icon Image Dagger

1 were used

0 were sabotaged by spies

0 were found sabotaged

Weapon strength went from 10 to 9.9

You gain 77720 Gold

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

haha freshfromsofia you should guard your weapons more closely..

Intelligence on fresh_from_sofia

Time Mission Type Result Spies Sent Report

A minute ago Sabotage success 2 Details

A minute ago Sabotage success 2 Details

2 minutes ago Sabotage success 2 Details


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Max, right about now you must be pretty bummed with your recruiting efforts. While Chief was able to bring two of the strongest players into Tea Bagging Ninja Crackers, you've only been able to get Tim and Luigie, who are now holding the incredible positions of sixth and seventh.

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