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Will Smith - Let Me Find Out

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Yeh, didn't we know he'd done a couple of tracks for the album but Diddy was the producer and cut the tracks off.

Yes! I was just about 2 post that but hehe... I'm very late! :3-laugh3:

Yeah I think the same, that should be right - Will wanted 2 do his own songs 4 da movie but Diddy said that he's the king and didn't want Will's tracks and finally didn't put them on the soundtrack... Still hate him 4 that!!! :arg:

Diddy got the rights for the Soundtrack, so its only logical for him to put his own artists on there.

I`d like to know about this too tho. Hero? AJ?

Yeah but Will is a friend, a good friend of Diddy so he could put his tracks on da soundtrack, too! :arg:

Don't worry, I'm not mad at u, I'm mad at Diddy, so Diddy, come up here and read my sentence right here and the most important is the smiley - :arg:

If I see u in da streets - :willvspaparazzi:


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They are that good of friends. They know each other and are cool...but they aren't real close friends or anything. Puffy only thinks about money...period. He's never been creative or artistic. Look at his music, his lyrics, and lots of his artists. It's all about what's hot at the moment and just trying 2 make fame and MONEY off of what they do.

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Puffy only thinks about money...period.

dont get me wrong, but lately I've gotten that feeling about FP to. Maybe it's just me, but sometimes It feels like all he does for his true fans (like us) is just enugh to keep us undissapointed. I cant recall anything special he's done since he took money out of his own pocket to make that video for one of the tracks on Willennium. but thats a topic of it's own.

How did u contact Kel? give him my regards, his stuff is great. :wiggle: do you think there is any chance at all he could convince Will (they seem to know each other from what I understand) to maybe give ONE of his unreleased tracks (from JJFP till today) to JJFP.com? it's still the ten years anniversary right? after all we are his biggest fans, and will support him no matter what. I know this ide is a little unbelievible or "out there"... but just came to think of it...

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This is pretty interesting. At least we know the name of one of the tracks.

Diddy is just pretty dumb. He knews "Born to Reign" didn't do any damage on the charts and thought fans were done with Will. If it was a party joint like Lerk said, than it definitly would've kept fans entertained and maybe "Lost & Found" would've dropped in 04 like it was suppose to. "Let Me Find Out" would've/could've been a hit just like "Shake Ya Tailfeather" and it would've open the door for "Switch" and then "Lost & Found".

So many "What IFs" ..its just hard to tell anymore. Just looking at Diddy you can tell what hes all about - all about the benjamins. Screw him, he has no rap credibility anyway.

Someone should definitly see if Kel has the track though. Who knows he just might. Maybe he'd call FP and tell him some real fans are hungry for unreleased material. ha - like that'd ever happen.

Oh and Julie - I was also disappointed that Diddy screwed Will off the tracks. I think Diddy is just overall jealous of FP and i remember I started a topic about it a long time ago - but thats a whole other story.

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Yeah like I said before Will should actually put effort into dropping exclusive for the fans then maybe he'd have much more credability

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The Bad Boys 2 era waz definitly a wide open door 2 drop a blazing track and make a huge step in his music career. It's sad that it didn't pan out. FP probably could have had his way if he fought 4 it.

Puffy, u suck...and so does your awful new single...and u still suck as a dancer...loser.

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Well, we got a name for one now. It's times like these when I wish Will was a little more low-key like Jeff. Then maybe we'd get to hear these tracks.

God Blessa!

:word: That would be cool...if he had a myspace like Jeff were he puts up some unreleased tracks...but the thing is...he's not only a rapper...he's also the hottest movie star of the world right now! With all the movies he's doing he hasn't got much time for music! :damnyou:

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It's surprising to see that Puffy actually thinks that people still want to see him rap, I find it hilarious, the realest line that he never wrote sums up his career: "I don't write rhymes, I write checks", that shows how much of a sellout he is, he only cares about money and doesn't put effort into his art and it shows...

But of course like it was stated the way that Will's been treating his rap career compared to his acting career might put him to be criticised like Puffy, Jay, and 50 are for doing things just to make money, I mean it doesn't look good for Will to be running off to make another 20 million when he has a chance to improve his credability in rap, with "Lost and Found" gaining credability, he should continue to release music to create a buzz but what does he do instead?....Sign up for 5 more films... :sick: Are you in it for the money or the love FP?

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