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'In The House' a carbon copy of Fresh Prince?

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Don't you think Quincy Jones is trying to reinact the Fresh Prince via In the House (starring LL Cool J). Afterall Carleton is in there aswell, and even Ashley made an appearance (playing the same characters as they did in the Fresh Prince). To me though, the show is no way near the standards of The Fresh Prince. And LL is certainly no Will Smith, even though he wants to be... so much.

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I used to like it when it was on, thought it was pretty good.

Unlce Phil and Aunt Vivian have appearances as well, as Maxwells (Carlton) mum and dad, in the eisode where him and Mercedes (Lisa from Saved By The Bell, who also appeared on the Fresh Prince) are to get married. Obviously it wasnt as good as Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but I still liked it.

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I loved In The House. The show wan't like FPofBA at all...other than a pioneering emcee as the lead character. I thought the show waz almost as good as FPofBA. It had hilarious stories and positive messages. And Alfonso didn't play the same character as he did on FPofBA!?!? I don't know what show u think u were watching.

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it's stupid to say that LL is wanting to be Will or jealous of Will just because he starred in a show that was produced by the people that did FPOBA.

The shows are not really that similar, unless you think shows with black casts and a rapper in the lead are the same.

Both Will and LL are legends in Hip Hop, two of the few that have been steady doing their thing since the 80's, and up to today.

To discount LL just because he had a show that wasn't that good, and to chalk him up as being a carbon copy or whatever, is ridiculous.

Just my two cents worth.


p.s. I'm not an LL fan really, just don't like insipid comments, is all. no offense to anyone.

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