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  1. Hi there, i'm looking for new, interesting and active people to add to my community: http://www.existenz-online.com This is a new forum that offers you the opportunity to discuss your thoughts on a range of topics including literature, music, culture... It should be of particular interest to writers, poets, philosophers, artists, photographers, djs and musicians. It is an invaluable medium for creative people to share their work and offer critiques; discuss favourite books, artists, films, etc; and meet like-minded individuals. Let us know what makes you tick. If you've got interesting things in your head - this is the place to share them! Please register today and help support Existenz, it will be greatly appreciated. kind regards
  2. i know this has probably being raised before but does anyone have a list of all the tracks Will has collaborated on with other artists? it seems to me that he hasnt worked with that many other rappers- i dunno if these is due to their obvious dismay at him being 'soft' or whatever. what you think?
  3. haha funny how sheep also come into the equation... but your right, there's not really a hip hop scene that I know of over here.
  4. JJFP never sold out. They've had the same style since day one. If you could accuse anyone of selling out then it would be anyone remotely involved with gangster rap. Its all a gimmick.
  5. Cube is such an hypocrite. Him and NWA slated JJFP back in the day for "being soft" and talking about "white man's problems in the white mans world". Dre is also a hypocrite- when the thing with Slim Anus and Will blew up, dre again attacked will in various interviews for being "corny" and "soft", yet then composes most of the music for bad boys 2. Such examples are the main reason I dont really pay attention to beef anymore. Its all for media spotlight.
  6. I was getting ready to jet off to wales! ha, starting uni and all. typical. So er, now when is Will coming to Wales? ;)
  7. man, all them? how did you hear about these ones? are they JJFP or Will as a solo artist?
  8. Yeah, its on Trouble 2-4 times a day, just as regular as fresh prince.
  9. Thanks alot for the comments dudes.
  10. anyone heard 'Holla Back' the B-Side to 'Freakin It' single? It didnt make it on Willenium in time for its release....
  11. man, being english sucks. no-one ever comes here, and when they do they all seem to think that London is the only place to be.
  12. I. I never dreamt the world was round, for I can see it beneath the inevitable break; ‘the people’s earth’, or so its called and its waiting... waiting on you. I watch as the light becomes etched before my pupils, almost as if I were a bird feeding my forbidable flight with the morning stare. Thinking of the lives in which man has stole; before me I catch a glimsp of a single leaf swaying gently within the take of the breeze. The veins twinkle elegantly within its texture as it absorbs the last appetite for rain ... such a peaceful existence it seems, yet beautiful within its reign; softly tailing the eye of the Mother oak till it nestles willingly beneath such feet. In the night of this feeling; the appearingly alveolate tree begins to weave its arms in agitation, as if resisting the independance of its own child and the break of nature’s worthy cycle and I begin to contemplate... If every bud upon the severed bark had felt for its last, would it then strive to the fullest, or rather just figure and wilt? See, I, like the lonely leaf, know the meaning of this tree... for prior to Spring, the eve of death, such would yield its passion in hope to survive its troubled time and if one should shudder and fall then he would not be seen; for vast miles are his brothers of stronger, younger arm. The tree seemingly begins to wail in spite of this, tap, tap tapping at the glare of my heightened window... and furthermore, for every Dot of the‘I’ or cross of the‘T’ I can see the bark beginning to tingle evermore with an element of fear, almost as if I am delaying the inevitable dawn beneath the ‘reign’ of my own intriguing fingertips. Is this the true meaning of destiny? for upon this moment I would willingly offer my hand to any love neglected by the visage of heartless gluttony. The leaf will be brown in a day or two, but for death or a new life? I am curious; who else upon this earth would contrast such a minute piece to its plenary existence? Pressing my nose upon the glass to catch the curiousity of the leaf wandering in its freedom; I note my concern and hope that its wings will not crumble in the wind. Only a hope, for the day is due, I can see its face seeping before the haze of the clouds. My eyes begin to tire feeling the weight of the sun and I know the words upon this moment are becoming my last. So I ponder upon time; who can break the cycle of nature? One can only wonder. II. A dawn each to their own. We as poets are the thinkers of art, the dreamers and the designers and I, as one, ‘a nocturnal equanimity’ in such, that the sparks of my motherless quill aim to picture a lonely sky. I clutch to every thought, for I am the epinasty valuing every bud in earnest from the motives of the tree. I long to press my lips upon a single leaf and pledge to my faith that stars will be born, in stages, before me... and before us. I believe in a world where the passion is of the hearts living for their souls, we were made as man, woman and dew and as I watch the high world rise once again and speak of my growth, behold the fashion of the oak tree and its inevitable fall... soon to disappear before the eyes of the world. My friends, walk this life how dreams perceive you should, you must believe… as I believe; that tomorrow truly is a new day. But in your journey be sure to rest as dreamers often do… and as I must do... the eye of the world gazes upon me, preaching in its devoted Sunday stare for my own vision to become impaired. To sleep now is my devoir, though, in vow, only for a moment … until my own day is ‘due’. © Surpass-A
  13. Ask me; if I was to be a populant to many men or a dissident sailor upon the stormy seas; then which do you think I would prefer to be? If I were to live in lust and never hinder upon a pain, or just for a single moment fall in love; then which of the two do you think I would desire? My friends, I trust the second of my questions will prove the more difficult of the two -resulting in a little stutter, maybe? Afterall we do live life through the eye of a lens, though I judge you only as a reader of this; my moment in verse. So let me speak as the poet, of whom you have enlightened with your curious eyes. Where will this life take me, when so many talented Wordsmiths have entered our syllabus, of whom now rest, having barely held a coin between their itchy fingertips? I only propose such a question because they say that survival is our way to ‘live’ upon this earth. See, I write to recollect, to conquer, I write for love, I write for friendship, but most importantly I write for proof; that man exists as one, as a thinker, and as a revolution. Many of these thoughts have been inspired by the writers that have appeared before me. Now, do i appear the fool? That of ill-knowledge? That of food for worms? Can a being begin to ‘live’ on such a mindstate when many, already, seem to have fallen? If I proposed the question ‘what is wealth and what is money?’, I wonder how many would conjure a similar meaning. l'argent égale la richesse! l'argent égale la richesse!! In my wonder I sometimes fear for my devotion. Although my head excels through its realist buds, my heart is a certain contrast in all its curious motives. If only the two could conform in a happiness - maybe then I would be a man truly living for this life in which I have been given. So now back to the initial prospect; where do I think this life will take me? .......... Well let me tell you, I am alive in words, but I live as a ghost among the time. je suis Andy Carrington, un poèt d'Angleterre, qui a reçu un diplôme au Pays de Gales. Look at me, 29 years, 364 days, 3 empty bottles of vintage red, and a cold stone groove. If only I’d have become an artist, then I could’ve painted me a beautiful new scenary. vous aiment quelque chose lire avec votre croissant, monsieur? Thought not. Instead, I’ll treasure these papers as memoirs and speak in hope that one day the people will live upon the unique gift of poetry. Afterall, hope is a breath within many of the Poets. A breath in which we need. Come on Clover, the tourist bus we’ll be here soon. Gotta do us some busking and get us grub. Ah, sweet life. ©Surpass-A Brief Commentary Basically, I was having a joke conversation with a couple of friends of mine about where we would think we would be in a few years time. I came up with the conclusion that by the time I am 30 I would be busking on the streets of Paris, drinking wine and writing as a lonely poet. A very cynical outlook maybe, but the number of key figures in literature that have passed away with little money to their name is quite alarming. Can we live on the bible of literature and make a respectable living? Now that is the question.
  14. People made a whole big thing about Will's response on Lost & Found though. Saying it was a weak diss, that came too many years after the event. But people fail to realise it wasnt a diss. The rumour was knocking about prior to the album that Will was going to release a whole diss response track related to Slim. But that couldnt be farer from the truth.
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