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  1. Funny enough I just started listening to the album, and is it just me or does the SONG on the album go a bit slower than it does on the video? On the video they are rapping so damn fast that I can't understand everything, yet the album track seems a bit slower. Weird. EDIT: Now I know I'm going crazy. Just played the video and it sounds the same. #fail
  2. Back when all the mashups of Jay Z's album The Black Album were flooding the internet, it was hard to find a good one. DJ Dangermouse's The Grey Album (using The Beatles White album) is generally looked at as one of, if not the best out there. I'd suggest this could be a close second. DJ Noodles and Nic Balz put out this gem of a mashup, and surprisingly it didn't get much attention. Using Jay's accapellas from The Black Album (and some from Jay's MTV Unplugged show) with the music of Nirvana's MTV Unplugged they created an actual mixtape that bears listening to more than once or twice. All the links online I've found were dead, so I fortunately got my hands on a copy of this, thanks to a friend of mine. Feel free to share this with anyone you think might like this. DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE HERE: (MEDIAFIRE) 01. Encore b/w "About a Girl" 02. Intro b/w "H to the Izzo" 03. Dirt of your Shoulders b/w "Lake of Fire" 04. Change Clothes feat. Pharell b/w "Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam" 05. What More Can I Say? b/w "All Apologies" 06. P.S.A. b/w "Come as you Are" 07. Threats b/w "Plateau" 08. 99 Problems b/w "The Man Who Sold The World" 09. December 4th b/w "Pennyroyal Tea"
  3. Back in 1996 during a visit to the Potomac Mills Mall near DC I bought my first hip hop mixtape, DJ Billy Bill's "Best of the Best Volume 1". Several months later it got stolen from me and for the last 15 years I've been looking for it. Now, thanks to the one and only Tapemasta, I now have it again. He was kind enough to rip it from his original tape and send it to me, and I felt like sharing it today with those of you on this board that loves that classic mid-90's hip hop. To this day it remains my favorite mixtape of all time, and I hope you guys like it as well. DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE HERE (Mediafire) NOTE: This is split tracked and tagged for Itunes. DJ Billy Bill Presents: Best of the Best Volume 1 (1996) (features the following DJ's doing sets: Chill Will FTE, Bigg Premiere, DJ Phili, Doggtime, Rello & Jadel and Dexterity) 01. DJ Chill Will Intro 02. Busta Rhymes - Woo Ha! (Blend) 03. Martin Lawrence - Everybody Wanna Be a Gangster 04. Monica - Before You Walk Out My Life (Blend) 05. TLC - Diggin On You (Blend) 06. Erick Sermon - Bomdigi (Blend) 07. DJ Outro 08. Ghostface - Motherless Child 09. DJ Shoutouts 10. D'Angelo feat. AZ - Lady (Remix) 11. The Fugees - Ready or Not 12. MC Lyte feat. Xscape - Keep On Keepin On 13. Lost Boyz - Renee (Remix) 14. Mad Skillz - Freestyle 15. Soul For Real - If You Want It (Blend) 16. Patra - Dip and Fall Back (Blend) 17. The Fugees - Freestyle (Live) 18. Holly Canada - You've Been Mean To Me (Blend) 19. Groove Theory - Keep Trying (Blend) 20. DeBarge - I Like It (Blend) 21. Stephanie Mills - Something In The Way You Make Me Feel (Blend) 22. Raphael Saadiq - Ask of You (Blend) 23. Monica - Before You Walk Out My Life (Blend) 24. Jay Z feat. Foxy Brown - Ain't No... 25. Busta Rhymes feat. ODB - Woo Ha! 26. Buju Banton - Sensimilla Persecution
  4. Okay now that I'm back on the forum, I thought I would post up my blog for those of you who might want to check it out. I post a variety of stuff on there, all my own content. I don't just post a video or something and give a link back to the original, or post a song and a quick description. I basically just write on topics that interest me, whether it's movies, music, politics, religion, sports, hip hop, whatever. Plus there's album reviews I've done and interviews I have been fortunate to have done. The link is in my signature, and I figured I would post up a couple links to items that you may or may not dig. Thank you very much, and I'd love to know what you think of what you see. 1. Interview with actor Shawn Doyle (Big Love, 24, Endgame) http://www.searchingforchetbaker.com/2011/06/interview-shawn-doyle-big-love-endgame.html 2. Album Review: John Legend + The Roots "Wake Up!" - http://www.searchingforchetbaker.com/2010/09/review-john-legend-roots-wake-up.html 3. Interview with "Rench" from the hip hop/bluegrass band "Gangstagrass", who did the theme song to the FX series "Justified" - http://www.searchingforchetbaker.com/2011/06/interview-rench-from-gangstagrass.html 4. Editorial: Criminalizing Homelessness - http://www.searchingforchetbaker.com/2011/06/criminalizing-homelessness.html
  5. I think this video may be the most creative I've seen in quite awhile. Very cool and very fun video. They're rapping so fast I can't quite pick up all of what they are saying, but visually it's pretty cool and I'd love to see a making of... of this video.
  6. With Will wearing that jacket, that's GOTTA be from an episode of the show. No way was he out wearing that jacket in his everyday life. lmao
  7. Yeah I know that, but I actually had someone give me that line. I think it stems from Will suddenly becoming a mega star and people thinking that since they didn't see Jeff in all his movies, that somehow it equaled him blowing up and forgetting about his friend. Which I'm sure led to that song "Potnas", I'm guessing. I know that Jeff has addressed that in the past. One of the thing was that because Jeff only had limited role on Fresh Prince, and that seeing as how that was Will's man and all that Will should have gotten him a bigger role. I read somewhere where Jeff said that he didn't WANT a bigger role, and that he didn't WANT to do movies and whatnot, but for some people who want to spread gossip that wasn't enough I suppose. Reminds me of that line from the ItsTheReal video with Nick Cannon where they were like "Hey all you gossip mongers need to stop mongering gossip!" lmao
  8. ahhhhhhhh that's probably it. lol. I don't watch Family Guy.
  9. Okay this is kind of weird. I posted on my blog a story last year (or maybe the year before) about Jeff being kicked out of a club for playing hip hop. (insert Uncle Phil throwing Jazz out the house joke here). And now whenever I check my feedjit page to see all the places my blog hits are coming from, there's always a TON of hits coming in on that article by people searching google for "DJ Jazzy Jeff Homeless" or "Is DJ Jazzy Jeff Homeless?" Now I figured this could be one of a couple things. 1. This could be born out of a rumor. I remember plenty of people I know telling me that Will left Jeff behind when he got famous and Jeff was broke or whatever. Now we know that's not how it went down, but for some reason there are still those who believe that. And so I thought maybe it came from that. 2. Perhaps early in his life he was homeless, and he mentioned it in an interview or something, and that's where the searches are stemming from. Anyone know anything about this? It drives me CRAZY seeing that all the time and not knowing what the heck it's about. lol. Thank you very much. Been awhile since I've been here. Good to be back.
  10. I had these awhile back and all the links I can find here are dead. Can someone upload these on rapidshare or megaupload? Also I'd love to get the entire westwood interview with him and Jeff that had the Lean Back freestyle.
  11. A city in Europe. Also this! lol http://www.sofia.usra.edu/
  12. that bit where he said "I was scared as hell" but they play that old person voice over the word "hell" just cracked me up! ha ha ha
  13. hah, i think its a dude oh crap, really? Dammit...lol I gotta go update my blog again people. ha ha ha edit: okay I didn't list Freshfromsofia as any sex on the blog so I'm in the clear. ha ha
  14. Hello everyone. I've been gone for awhile, but I'm back now. Hopefully on a more consistent basis. I moved from Washington State to Toledo Ohio. But I'm going to be going BACK to Washington State in January. So I'll have been here for a year. Things have not worked out and I'm kinda bummed about the whole thing. My family has paid a lot of money to help me out and get me situated here and things didn't work out for me financially and I know they're really disappointed in me and that just makes me feel even more like ****, so...*shrugs* I've had a long history of dealing with depression. Not to the point where I would ever harm myself, though, so I feel blessed on that end. That thought has always been there, but I think that I'm, and this isn't an attempt at a joke (which I often do), that I'm just too big a wuss to do that. I don't like guns, knives, high places, or pills, so I always just looked at it as I'm stuck here. Okay that last part was a slight joke. But seriously, I get into these funks sometimes and it's hard to get out, but I just keep my faith up and try to think on the bright side, so to speak. So if you all don't mind, just keep me in your thoughts. Every little bit helps, ya know? Thanks so very much. Gary
  15. It's been a long time but I am back on the board. I have a blog that I set up to basically be about whatever I happened to find interesting on the internet. On Saturdays I post a Music post with usually about four or five music videos from various genres. Today's post includes a video from our very own Freshfromsofia, who's video for Will & Mary's "Tell Me Why" is on the blog. Please check out my blog, and look at the various posts, maybe check out a site on the "sites I frequent" (not freak) section or whatever. Perhaps leave a comment or something. Anything is appreciated! http://searchingforchetbaker.blogspot.com This is actually the longest I've ever stuck with a blog before so I'm actually very happy with myself. lol Thanks very much folks! Gary
  16. http://rapidshare.de/files/35773804/JZ-showmewhatyougot.mp3 Here's another link for those who can't get it off sendspace (like me!)
  17. Just to clarify though, if you have songs on your Itunes and you're connecting it to a computer that you did not put the music onto with, and you sync it up with THAT Itunes, it'll erase everything on your Ipod and replace it with whatever is in the Itunes on THAT computer. You can't have more than one Itunes synced with your Ipod. At least I don't THINK you can. Rather you can't have Itunes on two separate computers synced with the same Ipod.
  18. or more recently: I don't make black music I don't make white music I make fight music...for high school kids. if you go to www.snopes.com and type in Lauryn Hill you'll come up with the page. It's b.s. Just like a lot of that stuff is. This Beyonce thing seems to be true though. I don't think it's as bad as it may sound right now. She doesn't wanna make that poppy "white" type of music. Nothing wrong with that. (I'm white, by the way and I don't hate myself) lol EDIT: here's the page from Snopes.com Claim: During an MTV interview singer Lauryn Hill said, "I would rather die than have a white person buy one of my albums." Status: False. Origins: In 1996 a caller to the Howard Stern show claimed Lauryn Hill of The Fugees made anti-white statements during an MTV interview, to the effect that she rather see her child starve than have a white kid buy her album. The inflammatory comment Hill supposedly made varies: * "If I'd known white people were going to buy my last album, I never would have recorded it." * "I would rather have my children starve than have white people buy my albums." * "I would rather die than have a white person buy one of my albums." Sometimes the rumor is reported as: * When asked on MTV about their feelings on having the number one album in the nation, The Fugees said they'd "rather see babies starve and die than have white kids" buy their album. Let's put this one to rest — if Hill or any other member of the Fugees had said anything like that on MTV or anywhere else, the tape of those remarks would have hounded them ever after. That no one can produce this tape — or even agree on what was said, and by whom — should drive a stake through this rumor's heart. MTV would later announce the allegation against Hill wasn't true, but by then it was too late — the rumor was already in motion. In the wake of this slander, Hill did call in to rebut the comment on the Howard Stern Show. On numerous other occasions, she has denied saying anything remotely resembling the statement credited to her. In response to her critics, she offered: "What I did say was that I love my people, black people, and I will continue to make music for them." [Teen People, April 1999] Lauryn insists she wants people to understand that her goal to improve the self-love of young African-American women should never be confused with advocating racial supremacy. "There are a lot of young black girls who I meet in my travels who don't have a lot of self-esteem," she explains. "So if I communicate to them that they're beautiful, no white person should find fault in that. It doesn't mean that young white girls aren't beautiful, because they are just as beautiful." Would any recording artist be foolish enough to request that a segment of the music-buying public boycott her works? This quote is likely a backlash born of Hill's success, one that parallels the specious Tommy Hilfiger rumor ("If I knew that Blacks and Asians were going to wear my clothes, I would have never designed them"). It is possible one of Hill's many Black-positive statements was misconstrued as a white-negative comment by someone possessed of questionable listening skills and regurgitated as such. The Hilfiger and Hill rumors, though similar, display a curious dichotomy. Although no other tales circulate about Hilfiger's alleged racism, we continue to receive many different reports claiming that even if Hill didn't make the statement attributed to her here, she has disparaged non-Blacks in other words and deeds (usually ones the teller asserts he — or someone he knows — personally witnessed). Whether this phenomenon says more about the subject or the audience is something we don't yet know. Barbara "hilling me softly" Mikkelson Sightings: A lyric from "Cum On Everybody," a Eminem song off the 1999 The Slim Shady LP, states "Bought Lauryn Hill's tape so her kids could starve." Last updated: 3 November 2000
  19. this is probably b.s. Remember that quote Lauryn Hill supposedly said about how she'd rather for her kids to starve before white people bought her album? And how Tommy Hilfiger supposedly said (On Oprah no less) that if he'd known that black people would be buying his stuff, he would never have made them? Until I see that issue of Blender with that comment in it (and I get that mag), than I ain't believing it. Remember, Ne-Yo was supposedly gay too, coming out to Vibe magazine, which turned out to be bogus.
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