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Happy 19th Birthday (Again) 3cookies

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Happy birthday big sister! You're almost my younger sister now!

I remember meeting you first when you were 5 years younger, which would have made you... 14?

Anyway, have a great one! Just remember what happens if you let yourself have one too many birthday drinks: "rat choom". :lol: Remember that? I think I was 13 when I first joined the board and met you, and me and you were chatting on one of our usual 8 hour sessions or something crazy like that, and you were trying to tell me what it was like to be drunk, using the example of 'chat room' lol. Your information was useful, but now I know what it's like. Here is my understanding of the matter: people that are drunk usually get online, and, on the advice of some guy called BigWillie, end up going on a rampage over at WS.com, insulting all of the resident idiots!!

PS. Please make a drunken birthday post. "Rat Choom" would make my day. :lol:

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Happy Birthday :1-smile:

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whooo hooo. can u guys believe it! I finally turned 19!!!! hHA.. I think I've turned 19 every year for the past 5 years! lol I dont feel a day older either. seriously... well, just a lil. I didnt have a drink, nor have had one for months. Prince knows ,if I have a half beer... sipping the rest, I tend to get my words mixed up... haha...and have sum pretty interesting conversations. Cant drink cuz of my meds tho..so im safe.

All i did today was work, but its cool Im thankful to be um... alive and a mom. LOL...

didnt get what i wanted, cuz that tall dark n handsum hasnt surfaced yet.. .but its coming. whoo hoo.. lol.

thanx 4 the well wishes, love and birthday wishes from my lovely fam... Thx Big Willie for caring so much, u just had to be the first to wish me a happy birthday u were a day early. i love ya 4 that man. haha...

i used to do that when Wills birthday rolled around, and was online, gettin my 'speech' ready and hitting the send button at exactly midnight on his birthday. LOL the first yer i did that, i think i made sum ppl upset... haha...

i love u guys.... u really made my day...


big sis,

that 19 year old chick who somma yall know as 3cookies, SweetNsoFLyy and 7Flowers3. LOL...

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I don't believe I missed you birthday Cookies.... :ohdear: I'm ashamed... But happy belated birthday!!! 19... man... next thing you know, you'll be.... um... 19... again... :kekeke:

And no talk, dark and handsome birthday gift, huh... Well, there's always the summer...

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its ok to be late, i was happy to see alla these wonderful vibes from my fam up in this camp. tims the only one here who hit my myspace spot, but its cool haha... dang, somebody could have at least posted me a pic of Will Smith. lol. i coulda settled 4 a pic of that tall dark handsum. Jada wouldn't cared since im a huge fan. LMBO. oh ok...

and ur right Max...



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