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Guest thebigmac


~ 2 - 8 lines, no more no less

~ Go at anyone

~ person attacked, does not have to reply

~ another person may defend the attacked

~ aanother person may go along with an attacker

first spiter may spit when ever

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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

look at this dude named Mac Daddy/ tryna diss me wit his broken down caddy/ takd out the mac/ and replace it wit wack/ cause he just cant rap/and he cant do the nolia clap/ so shut up before i have to show u my back hand slap/ u cant freestyle my child/ dont make me get buck wild/ so now i am done/ and dont forget i already won/

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You say your from virginia, lets say that you are

seen your picture man, with that face, you'll never be a star

what happened to 400 bars man where is your rap?,

stop smoking the crack, or you'll end up like thebigmac

supposed to write 8 lines, no more no less

you wrote 10 b**ch, so go on and put on your dress

And you call yourself Virginias Finest Renegade?

From now on your name is, Virgin Dykest Renegay.

No Offence..


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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

u crossed da line/ i'll tear u up wit one rhyme/ no one can pronounce ur name pakalicous/ at first i thought it was pre calculas/ i dont care if i spelled wrong/ wait in a porn i saw us mom/now since i dropped the bomb/ i'm done wit u like veitnam. no offence

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Man, What kinda F'ing diss was that?

Dont be mad at me just because you cant rap

your silly rhymes are wack and your flow is crap

you wanna say the N-word, you need a slap

my mom's in a porn? well your asscrack has a gap

youre not from VA, you from that mountain, Brokeback

You cant deny it, you a dirty moron, you dont wanna mess with me

stop taking that extacy, hoping that you will stand next to me.


Edited by Pakalicous
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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

u said i dont want it wit u/ dawg u are through/ u dont want it wit me/ im so sick my rhymes are between H.I.V and S.T.D/ why u gonna try to diss this/ cause thats a wild miss/ now i am through wit u/ NEXT dawg i aint gay no i wont i have sex/

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Ok talking of STD's but really you can't touch these MC's

Begging please while trying to get a bítch down on her knees

Virgina? I'm from a small town, it don't matter where u are

Head down man u won't be a star, have a nasty smash in a car

Pakalicous destroyed u in the first verse, and wait it gets worse

It's that he killed u flipped u over and then did it in reverse

And since the sky's the limit and the amount is up, where's ya cup

Duck before I kick u in the nuts and your legs give n and ur knees give up

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So it's VA's finest, renagay is back

Showing this whole damn forum the definition of wack

Dissing me because of my sig? what the hell is that about

Your dissin's worse than Kanye's was on MTV's Wild 'n' Out

You couldn't write 400 bars, you stupid and delirious?

I'll be buying your mixtape, i'm sure it'll be hilarious

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You just getting on my nerve now, am i trough?

i dont need a crew, my middle finger will destroy you

you dont have sick rhymes, you just sick. Period

Talking about S.T.D's and H.I.V proves that your an idiot

Mac Daddy just finished you, and so did J-o-e

So just stop acting like a red light district hoe

No harm being renegade, you dont get p*ssy either way

Dawwwg, your last line proves that you dont have sex, straight or gay

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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

yall have nursary rhymes/ at elementary school times/ now i am gonna go killa cam/ cause renagade thats who i am/ yall so tooty fruity/ ur girl has no booty/ takin all three of u out like i was Donald b/ and yall hewy, louie, and dewey

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Man we know who you are, u already said it

Make one move, i'll make sure you'll dread it

A nut case? He must be snorting some base

I don't even want to catch u, ruins the chase

Oppsey daisy did I mean to hurt u? ur a jerk dude

Sell crack because with rap u won't have food

I don't care about the limit, to me it's the sky

And it matter when it stops, untill u just die

U barely in puberty, don't mess with me VA

Renegaye making the last meal for ya last day.

Ur a punk who thinks he's so much more better

While I'll write a letter and become the drama setter

We're ganging up on u now, it's 3 against 1

Drama's done so take your pencil and have some fun

I don't even need effort for this worlthless shít

A selfish git? calm down u mite send him on a "lyrical" fit

spiritual times and it's time for ur time to close

U can't see us, we're above your league, we're ghost...


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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

you think u this big bad thing/ trust me ive nocked people 3x better outta the ring/ so it is 3rd round nock out/ u call me a jerk dude when back in december i had nothin but love for you/ at the begging i my have been selfish/ but now u jus dissin ur self/ cause this is bad for ur health/ so put a quarter in ur ass cause u played ur self/ u hid behind the lyrics u internet thug/ stop cryin give ur self a hug/ ya pu$$y dont push me/ cause i dont want to push u off wit a light heeve/

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