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well its gonna be a while cuz i got in a fight in skool then on the street so its gonna be a while

What The FU*K are you talking about? what does this have anything to do with a battle..

I think youre just talking sh*t right now man.. Fight in the school and on the streets? Between you and Bloods or crips? :lolsign:

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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

neither a fake O.G. and it is relevant cuz i am grounded for like a year here sumtin funny when we fought in skool he tried to kick me and fell

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@ Renagay

Boy, Y U suckin' on ur mama`z t*t?

While I`ve been recordin` my 31st hit!

U`ve been dumped by every record place

Cause yo style, lyrics, and yo ugly face

Edited by Mista Money
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