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Word theres no harsh feelings! I was hoping nobody takes this stuff personal.

Turntable, I burn fables,

Of u rising to the top and I can lyrically knock ur blue eyes out till they turn hazel,

I remeber JPs rhymes about Hi-Jacking my flow,

U must be into suicide bombing after seeing me spanking ur ho,

At pakalicious stop fantasizin' while u rhymin,

Dats about my mom and being able to acchieve my level of shinin'


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Jp, what I said wasnt a joke, its a fact

So dont come on me like that

And Ash, dont combine your Mum with Shynin

Caus al your mumy does is whinyng

Just like you & JP, your whiny bitches too

I can understand tho, you dont get ripped all day

Take this hint guys: Step out of my damn way..

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@ JP and Ash Trey

Hell yeah I dissed you, you got things wrong

Im the one whos bitchin? you just wrote a full song

"I dont give a fu*k and i dont care what people says"

if you didnt care, why did you reply to what i said

Of course you dont use condom, your di*k is used and grey

You have sex with transexuals and sometimes with Ash trey

And trey, I do have a fantasy but thats not just with your mom

Carmen electra and your mommy screamed when I dropped My Bomb


Renegay where are you? Get your finger out of your rectum

We are waiting for you man, and we want the BOMB son

Edited by Pakalicous
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Jus because i'm watchin they wanna diss me?

But when i'm gone, they all gonna miss me

My lyirical wits, can make fools end up in pits

And my cusses can make anyone do the splits

Even if it's JP, and we alll know he wants to be me

Even though it's not a sin, I still fall for curoisity

Now why u mentioning me, I didn't bring up ya name

I'll diss this fool any time, but it's still the same

A worthless MC trying to come up but got fúcked up

I now feel how Akon did as soon as he got locked up

I'll say this clear so u can understand, I don't like u mister

It wasn't him who was doing the raping, it was his sister

I'll eat u chew u then spit u out and have u for breakfast

This is the same man who say's guys look gay in a necklace

I expect this, so before I say the final goodbye, I ask why?

That JP, Bago, Trasho decides to be the one to die...

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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

JP and Paklious comin afta me wat did i do/ oh wait thats right im better than u/ dawg next time grown folks talkin close ur mouth/ dont ever come to south/ no one takes me out the game/ its a shame crackers usin my name in vain/ i aint that serious but u being broke made u delerious/ i am done wit yall jus had to show yall that u cant ever take me out

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Welcome back VA, I beat u into mysery

Then they asking how I hit u back into history

Look, I can take u out with my little finger

Turn it up sideways then show u the middle finger

I hope that didn't hurt, I'm sorry that u dnt work

like I don't mean to cuss about calling u a jerk

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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

u didnt misery/ i am goin wit a victory/ u didnt take me out of history/ u tryna diss me sayin i left/ dawg imma ref till the death/ still tryna figure out y God lets ur wack ass breath/ holla back peace

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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

stop written down stuff and freestyle if by one hour ash trey, jp, pakulious, and joe dont post i declare my self better than them

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So you are better than all dis guys?,

Wit dat attitude i just have to say "why?",

You got a beginner type of flow,

First learn to type well in ya PC, tho',

you aint better than em and im better than you,

In many ways ppl will agree, cos its true,

so i you better change dat stupid mood,

or Brotha Luigie will start to be rude.

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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

u tryna get buck il be straight up/ yall suck like ur rhyme is like a hot grill/ u jus fo frill u say my flow is wack/ dawg learn how to rap before i let off the ruger/ and blast u away like jason did freddy kruger/ this had nutin to do wit u and dats da truth/ so like them otha wack mcs and poof

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How u gonna say u win? declaring that u better

Make one more move and i'll just get my barretta

I can see that Ur in denail, that's just why i freestyle

Make this post actually mean something worthwhile

I don't understand why u carrying on, Ur doing wrong

One more word and then i'll just have to write a song

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@ Renegade

Alright VA, In one hour we did not reply so we got beat?

Im not on my computer 24 hour a day, seven days a week

Not like you, and please stop saying that you the champ

Im like Eminem, you love my rhymes but you gonna die like Stan

In case you dont know, you got nothing on us fool

J-o-e, Ash Trey and I will do everything to send you to Rap School

cause you know that you dont have anything good to show us

And if you want me to curse, Fu*k your life and blow us


Edited by Pakalicous
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Wait a second, let me read what the fúck u just said

That u want VA to be like stan and wish for him to be dead

Send me to rap school? Ur the fool I can beat in a verse

And I don't give a shít about saying U don't want to curse

Has anybody here heard about a rapper from Norway

Too gay, I just guess he's not the best what else do i need to say

I destroyed VA on page 1, but now we are on page six

Force toothpicks down your throat, have my crucifix

Because I'm killing em all, i'll go down for murder in the first degree

What else do I need to say for u to see? They can't be me

Blow me? Homie U don't even know me, pick me up, throw me

Ur raps are below me, so what can u ever try and show me?

Rap's my art, it's my craft, so because I diss u, i'll laugh

Homie U smell, take a bath and try and get higher than a giraffe

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