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  1. Turntable Won. Nice punchlines. You guys are bringing back Numero Uno section? Damn, I remember all the battles and the lyrics etc. And that one dude who was annoying, everybody had "beef" with him. Dont remember his name tho. But Im up for a battle tho.
  2. Thanks guys. Yeah, I´ve grown since last time. Im 24 and having a wedding next year. Good to be back tho. Im hoping for a new album from Will. Silver: Bro, work hard. And it´ll happen. Turntable: Thanks bro. Brakes: Keep chasing the dream, bradda. I´ll let you guys know when the dvd is coming out. The premiere is in october. I´ll keep you updated. AJ: Just smash his skateboard.
  3. Hey guys. Dont know if you guys remember me. But I use to hang out here alot. Since then, i got engaged, became an actor, became a student and now I work. Yeah, alot have been going on. Hope all is well with you guys. I´ll try to be here alot more, because this is the only forum I actually were apart off. I hope Brakes went platinum, Luigie made it, JumpinjackAJ met Lil´ Wayne and punched him, bigted stopped writing essays when he answered a simple question, and Hero1 got laid. I´ll hang out her more often from now on. Good to be back. Me and my Fiancé: This is the new tv-series im in. (Im the fat guy, lost 40 kg since then tho) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7eXTSfTKNs
  4. Luigie my man, i couldnt have put it better man but sometimes i get tired of this bitching, thats not even clever man You, I and other millions love this music, like its in our roots kid But you get it when i say, its always some people who have to ruin it
  5. Sorry if I took it too far, Just wanted to battle that loser flop but please stop the whining about that "we want real hip hop" well tim said some names.. chuck, will, lyte and krs-One I love KRS, but remember how his first cdcover was filled with guns?
  6. Tim, you got my respect but hip hop started with battle artistry calling me a fool for that is like saying F U to hip hop history Sorry if I quickly, dont care about your hip hop misery but you talk alot of shi*t, you dont know what hip hop is to me
  7. fan4ever just got a mate and he likes to drop knees in the lobby yeah he won the battle over me, cuz half of the forum is on his cocky sorry, but when I visit your house, Your moms oils up her body She look straight at me and say, "pakiboy plz speak to me in Punjabi"
  8. Im not feeling anyones flow at all.. But by the punchlines im going for fans4never this time... Julies got some serious ill lines.. Not bad at all for a white gal from Uk... But you get my vote dude.. but i want a rematch... Not hating man but you won by 2 friends:) Peace
  9. but little did he know, Big Will owns like 30 computers. So he found out about the videos and said: Did I or did I not say that you cant use my studio? I should kick your ass out like Uncle Phil kicked Jazz out of the house in "Fresh Prince". After he kicked K Smith out, Alfonso Ribeiro came for a visit and saw K. and said....
  10. To my defence on the french line.. French is an official language in Belgium.. So is german.. lol.. its like saying they dont speak french in Canada..
  11. "Bro you need to man up, I’m coming so stand up MySpace fame? Chris you’re the head of my fan club" Hehe... Nice comeback... Brakes for sure..
  12. "If that rhyme is in your blood then dude your anaemic, Those lines make me sick and i'm not even bulimic. What I do is natural and I don’t even practise, You do it all the time and you suck at this." Hehe.. Those line were hilarious.. Julie get this one...
  13. Tim for this one.. Luigie, ive seen him better.. but this was a good battle..
  14. My Verse: Yeah you fan4ever? Man you got fans, like never Off course you think you better, but my fans are like "whatever" I've seen your rhymes before, why you always cry so much? You probably want me bitch, but im not omarion, dont "touch" You look like one of my balls, I'm gonna' kick you like soccer You one of them rich kids, because your daddy is a doctor, But when my foot hit you - you'll be glad yo daddy is a doctor, So go on before my other foot see you, man start running faster Im gonna run you down, but not using some slick games When im done with you, people put me on they're pic frames yeah you homo, and I know you like to play d*ck games And I have seen your pictures? your style look worse then Rick James I got the some munch(ies) man, gonna break you down like crunch I know you from Belgium, but how do you say "Fu*K you" in French? Im gettin sick on you, I know im slow but quick on you You have seen my pics, Im fat so dont make me sit on you
  15. Video of Will Smith In good Fresh prince style in Japan.. Will Smith In Japan funny as always...
  16. This is not a remix.. Its from Miri ben Ari album.. Nice song though...
  17. Hehe,,, Tim it was all legally... Brakes just took the crown.. Got to get it back... Real soon.. Watch your bike Brakes..
  18. Snoop before Common and Nas? off course.. Common is great, but not a legend right now.. Snoop is a living legend.. Nas is legend.. Maybe next year. Missy is a legend because she has multiple talents and and one of the biggest women artist of the world..
  19. You got some dope producers on that list... My list is all about The beats.. Dont comment the lyrics of the songs or the artists. Dr Dre: Still Dre Next Episode Whats my name Straight outta Compton Get You Some Just Blaze: Return Of The Hustler No more Fun And Games Breathe The King's Back Pump It Up Battlecat: Get Your Walk On Pleezbaleevit! You Just a Baby Boy I Luv it Jonathan "J.R" Rotem: They Blame Me Whoa Push It Doctor's Advocate Bang Out Polow Da Don: Party Starter Whatever You like Throw Some D's Get Buck Buttons
  20. I grew up with Cash money and No Limit... Before the south was "pop" like you say.. Lil'Wayne have skills.. Not the greatest rapper alive, but a decent one.. HE does rap about money and Bling Bling(The term Cash Money brought on the world), but alot about serious things to.. ST, you hate Ja and 50... They hate eachother. Somebody hates you, somebody hates those who hates you.. But that dont make you wack as a MC does it? Dont hate the person..Hate The songs.. You cant say you havent bumped in da club or some of Ja's records.. But back to topic.. Wayne does have a crazy flow.. Listen to his old songs... Be openminded people.. dont say yes you agree to every hating topic on this board.. Thats all it is... Every topic on this board is about other rappers and how bad they are.. Nothing positive.. Peace
  21. Rakim, De La Soul, LL and Common has rapped about sex and drugs? KRS-One have done it (remember "Criminal Minded".. "The Real MC's" you are talking about does or have done the same thing as the new rappers.. The last albums from LL was very "Poppish".. So you don't like him?`Stop this childish bullsh*t.. Maybe you know the definition of "wack" but you dont know how to use that word.. Every rapper today is "wack" in your eyes.. because they're commercial.. Man Will was a little commercial with Big Willie Style? Get over it.. PS: I love the The Return of The Magnificent, but all that real hip hop is dead talk makes the record very negative and to much talk about it.. But those beats... Goddamn it Jazz!!!!
  22. Hey Guys... Just got the track back from my producer now. Thought i could share it with you guys. I uploaded the snippet here few days ago, but here is the whole song. Hope you guys will enjoy it. It's called "Past, Present, Future". My most serious song ever. And the hardest one. So Enjoy! Pakalicous aka Abu - Past, Present, Future (Prod. Jason Dean) Lyrics: Past-Present-Future Past I was not born in the slums, not raised in ghetto but i started off bad, with hands dirty like a con fellow hello, never wanted to do this gangster **** Cuz i couldnt do what gangsters did Growing up, I almost had no money to spend Used to use the time only on wanting some friends wanting some hands, to help me jump over the fence But a big pakistani was to funny to them I didnt give a ****, like i was supposed to do I made friends, who would never be close to you take the fall for you, do it all for you like everybody else wanna do it all for cool Started smoking the grass, started drinking the glass tryied to show those mother****ers how be kicking some asses my homies came for the rescue, i owe them And there is nothing in the world i couldnt do fo them Chorous Raised up in area where nothing is clear Hanging with people with nothing to fear My childhood was ****ed, almost nothing to wear it's my past, my present, and the future is on the way My Past, My Present, My Future is on the way(x3) And my mom is saying Present Now i've rappin a long time, been happy a long time even starred in a movie, and mother****er its all mine and you've been home cryin, and wishing for dying Im so glad that i did it and i feel so fine im just going to school and doing my thing do it for fam,(Haan-G) on the mind when i be doing the grams its always the same, the haters always want me to change im over it, so you can **** with the gangs call me a wimp, brother i dont to care what yo say That time of life was just some dare kinda phase you just stopped growing out of your pants your out of your sence, how is your benz homie you just out of your fans It was cool ten years ago, now you all grown up acting the hard way wont help you get you own up im not a perfect person, but i know my boundaries keep doing what you do, with your hands bound to your knees Chorous Future Haan-G my click is hungry for the money so my honey, aint it funny who gone shine like it's sunny try to get my act right, yo get the facts right you asswhipe, you might fight, is that right, just fly kite im done with that ****, i wanna have a family tree a wife, some kids, aint that how the family is Be a better dad then my own father, man i gotta show the people how raise a daughter, like my mother i wanna show my true love, to my family because i was raised with ****ups, dont you know it shut up im so fed up, with all those paki set ups yeah im a paki what up? is it a problem get up? So what you say son? give me bombbeat from jason if some problems then i will face them dont think imma die a nobody, not part of the game immortal your grandsons gonna remember my name (Abu) Chorous PS: Just got back from the studio doing 1 verse for my friend. I'll upload it when i get it.
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