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Alright J-o-e, If you want it, my brother you will get it

your penis wouldnt even fit in it, Its worse that your lyrics

admit it, your asscrack is humongous, someone killed it

Norway dont have any good rappers, That seat i will fill it

I didnt want to do this to you, but you crossed the line

that was hell of a try, but your punchline didnt make my cry

Hold up, stop and wait a minute, or you gonna end up dead

Im from Oslo But this bit*h is from a place called Hemel Hempstead

This is one of the reasons you should start taking a bow

whenever i will come there, Just stop fu*king the cows

Edited by Pakalicous
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Allright Bicthes, lets set something straight

I aint the age that makes and Mc great

I`ve been taking **** long enough

Now it`s time for you faqets to back the **** up

You`ve seen it coming with fear, but now it arrived

Step out of my way, its my time to shyne

Firts and far most, **** you JP

I mean realy, whats wrong with you man?

You make tracks that insult s as a Hip Hop fan

Talking **** about rapin your sista, whats going on in your head?

Seriously bitch, get your self checked

And when you found yourself a mind, we can come back on the subject

Now Pakalicious, please.. shut the **** up

You rhyme like you a gangster, whats up with that?

Let someone up your best freind, we see how gangtsa your than

Ash Trey, dont even get me stardet on you

I dont wanna wate my time, dont wanna show you new rhymes

Your a lil wannabee that trys to be the ****

Homie, my best freind is more male, even tho its a wonder-bitch

And Renegade, stop frontin like that

Talking about "1 Hour..", we waited for a week till we had you back

But oh hell to the naw, I dont call that a comeback

You just showed us another definition of beeing wack

And thats that, I`m out of this bitch, peace.

No hard feelings.

Edited by Turntable
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Ohh hell hath no fury like a Turntable in rage...

My rhymes penetrate ur design,

Seeing ur complex designs are simplistic behind,

I just lyrically shine,

And I dont do moms altho' y'all moms are typically fine,

For fat old women aged 99,

And dats for Packalicious and JP,

Stepping to me u must be unconcious or crazy,

I spit ether on y'all like Nas did Jay-Z,

And pull a hova at da same tiome and take over,

Switch off da playstation homeboyz games over,

Im takin' u down,

Erasin' u clowns,

Y'all keep coming back at me what ur brains got a vacancy now?'

And Turntable probably thinks I'm feeling dissed and I've somethin' to say-idiot,

But no I feel sorry for u, I can't really blame u for bitching aimlessly when ur on ur period.

Oh and renegade probably expects me to pull a couple rhymes outta my book right,

U know what u ain't worth it so **** u and good night!


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Haha Pakalicous, Sorry Man, Misread it and I just dissed ya, Haha...But It's time to finish this now...

I'll eliminate MC's who dare try and oppose me

When it comes to rap, No motherfúcker knows me

I take they weaknesses, Aim for it and a direct hit

Respect it, Take any Fool who tries to neglect shít

Trey who u erasing? U just don't know what Ur facing

When u read this you'll be pacing then suddenly racing

U can't hack it no more, so don't mind If I just ignore

The fact Ur here and let me just get thru this door

I feel like U need to be in a talk, Go have a discussion

U gonna front on me walk the walk? I'll give u a concussion

When it comes to this game, Shít don't stay the same

But here comes the pain, tell me now does it feel strange?

It's magnificent the fact that U can be so resillant

When Ur rhymes next to VA and JP makes it brilliant

I must admit I cuss a bit, Have a fuss then a fit

Have a piss then take a shít, So don't say nuttin bitch

Think I'm finished? I havent started, Not even departed

Ur so retarded U make funny noises as soon as U farted

Don't mean to talk about the grind, U know it's time

A fine line to determine which rhyme takes it as a sign?

Work it out, It's over man give up and i'll give u a buck

Before u need to suck, be happy that me and Ur girl didn't fúck

Ur Stuck, U don't know what to do, Ur in a sticky position

My mission is to simply leave fools to hopeless cases of submission

I'm dissing, hell yea It seems that u tried to make it personal

Then say one more thing and U'll find out what's in my arsenal.


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Guest VAsFinestRenagade

cuz im tired of rippin u straight up if we was face to face i will hold my own and u wouldnt say half the stuff u say to my face

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