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@ trey

I joined DA Homeboyz cos i believe in ya skillz,

now if u talk in dat way, then my thoughts werent real,

Who are u to tell me to play wit toyz?,

man im 5 years over u, and got a better voice.


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Ok, let me tell you the program for today

Imma rip you like Canibus got ripped by LL Cool J

Thats right, You nightmare came truw

I`m back, I got a few things left to do

You thought I was gone, but I cant die

I`m like 50, you took shots at me more than nine times

Still I aint impresed, I keep kicking them rhymes at you

Like Ghostface I`m sensitive, but dont mess with me

Caus if you try to get under my skin, you aint gonna win

It T To The Iffy, never defaeted by you faqs

I`m killing you, one after another

And after I did you, Imma do your mother

Thats right, you mess with me, you mess with your family

Everyone is on my side, no one likes you guys

You god ripped by my man J-O-E, and now its my time

I cant stop, caus I wont stop taking shots at you

Even when you guys are gone, I`ll keep dissing you

Just like Mobb Deep does with Tuppac Shakur

Oh and, let me take it from the major theme for a while

Renegade, is about to get some personal rhymes

Whats wrong wth you boy? Come on and do those battles

You had a big mouth, saying they aint ****

And now wont battle.. That makes you definitly a snitch

I never had beef with you, I aint like that

But this is redicioulus, and you now the facts, man

Ether you battle or you will go down in histry as a coward, damn

Ok back to the subject, wich means all of you suckas

This wont take much more time, I dont need no more lines

You`r a bunch of bitches, and I know you gonna hit me back

But I dont care, caus you wont stop this facts:

I`ll come back like that, till you loose your nerves

Caus I can go on forever, keep spitting them rhymes

But you guys will run outta **** to spit

Untill then, I love this ****, its a pleasure to do

I`m out is this bitch, see you guys soon...

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Well, well, well look whos tryin to act rough,

first verse: flop, dis one still aint good enough,

you like 50?, dem dats a shame,

9 times shot and still dont get u aint for da game,

move on kiddo i dont want to hit ya so hard,

cos wat u spat was ok, but wasnt done wit heart,

a long ass verse wont impress dis rhymicist,

a small one will freeze ya hands... so shut up fake lyricist.

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