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Will to star in I am legend


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I refuse to believe all of that! It's been said numerous times that the movie will be more faithful to the book than any of the previous adaptations.

Every single official synopsis released for the film including the one on ComingSoon.net (which to me is probably the most reliable source of info on the net - not the spy loaded full of attention-seeking fans AICN) states that Robert Neville is the last man on EARTH not Manhattan. I think that until we see some more OFFICIAL stuff from the movie like a trailer or an official website we're gonna have to prepare ourselves for a bunch of those rumours.

I'm still hooked on seeing this movie. I love Will, I love the book, I really dug the visuals and the style of CONSTANTINE so Lawrence works for me and I'm happy with the casting choices because they seem not to go with a popular face like Gabby Union but they seem to seek out some actual talent. Plus the rewrites that Akiva did on I, ROBOT were not so big. I read a script review of I, Robot's Jeff Vintar script and it was pretty much what we saw on screen so I'm assuming he didn't change much in Mark Protosevich's script as well (other than the already known changes - no Cortman, wierd creatures instead of vampires and NY instead of LA which I can easily deal with. Protosevich's script has long been famous for being a very good adaptation of the book. All in all, if you really think about it - it is looking quite promising. Don't believe everything you read on AICN.

nobody said you have to believe everything you read, this thread is about Will and I Am Legend, so we post stuff we find out about Will and I Am Legend,(whether it's true or not time will tell) same as we did with Will and Pursuit of Happyness...I imagine no one really knows what's going on with this film except the people working on it so there's no sense in taking any of it too seriously, there's nothing anybody can do but wait and find out.

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dude wheres my car hope will smiths got itlol




in the jungle jammin

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