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Will to star in I am legend


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Wow, francis lawrence as the director.

I didn't like constantine and dude hasn't done much directing

for any big movie, hope they're doing the right thing.

have you seen his music videos?? they suck!! he did black suits comin.. that was pretty horrible.. Now if only he left the project.. :tantrum:

Yeah your right, that videoclip really sucked. I never liked his way of directing.

Constantine was not good, I don't know how that could be seen as good directing,

if it wasn't for keanu's matrix value that movie would have done awfull.

I think michael mann would be a great pick, he's good with drama and dark works,

also knows how to handle will and make him look strong as an actor, not the big willy style persona.

Let's hope for the best

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This is kinda cool...

link: http://www.chud.com/index.php?type=news&id=6895

Like plenty of other people, Will Smith is preparing himself for a global pandemic. The big difference is that Will's is a work of fiction.

Smith is getting ready for battle with bloodseeking mutants in the upcoming adaptation of Richard Matheson's I Am Legend, and in the quest for authenticity he (along with director Francis Lawrence and several other members of the production team) recently visited the Center for Disease Control to learn about what sort of virus might cause such a worldwide catastrophe, and what the last healthy man on the planet might do to end it.

In the latest take on the material (following The Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man), Smith's immune virologist Neville builds a containment lab in the basement of his New York brownstone (the new film shifts coasts from the original Los Angeles setting). The visit to the CDC focused on the science and possible characteristics of the movie's virus and how it might be handled, as well as the potential emotional state of Smith's character.

"It seemed very valuable for the actor and director to get accurate information from CDC because it appeared that they honestly wanted to accurately portray how a disease could spread around the world and change things for everybody forever," says the CDC's Richard Klomp, a guy with more titles than the eventual film's closing credits. "They asked the presenters several specific questions about, should we use a rabies-like virus, or something else? How long would it be viable in the environment? What would this guy’s laboratory look like—what kind of equipment would he need if he were trying to find a cure?"

The big-budget Warner Bros. flick is scheduled to start shooting in September for a summer 2007 release. At least casting won't take long, and extras should be easy to find once the Avian Flu arrives.

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I'm sorry to say this, I really am. I also enjoy his music, but let's face it - he's a much better actor than he is a singer.

I know many members of this board compeletly disagree with you, including me.

I agree with Mr K will is a better actor than SINGER. :nhawong: :lolsign: But he is a better rapper than singer and actor. Will needs to do another album!!!!

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From a casting agency....

"New York, NY) - Send pictures & resumes ASAP to: Details Are only Available By Subscription.. Title: I AM LEGEND, Feature Film. CAST,Will Smith, Johnny Depp; EXEC PROD, Michael Tadross; PROD, Neal Moritz, David Heyman, Erwin Stoff, Akiva Goldsman, James Lassiter; DIR, Francis Lawrence; SCR, Mark Protosevich, Neal Jimenez, Akiva Goldsman. Contract: SAG. Shoot Dates: September 27, 2006 (in New York). STORY: Every night is the same for the last man on Earth. During the day he may venture out from his soundproofed, barricaded house for supplies - unless it's overcast. He'll conduct his daily task of repairing the previous night's damage. And he always tends to his garden, carefully cultivating his only source of fresh garlic bulbs. When night falls, he makes himself dinner, pours himself the first drink of the long evening, and perhaps plays one of his favorite records. He tries to drown out the muffled noises from the street, and he dare not look. The last time he did that, it was almost his last night alive. Outside, the vampires fling their curses and stones at the little surburban home, kept at bay by crucifixes and swathes of garlic. They can afford to wait; perhaps another week, maybe one more month before he will make his final, fatal mistake. Yes, soon the last man on Earth will be nothing more but a legend. Breakdown-- Ginny: 30-35, African-American. The lovely, self-assured wife of Dr. Robert Neville and mother to their 5 year old daughter. Smart and resourceful, she is determined to help her family survive the lethal virus that infecting the world's population, even if it means leaving her husband behind while she shelters her daughter to safety. Supporting. (Posted: July 27, 2006)"

Who would you want?

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isnt that the american thanks giving. maybe they are trying to get the audiences from that.

Yeah it's a couple of days before thanksgiving, which is one of the biggest movie weekends of the year. Summer 2007 is really crowded...there's Pirates 3, Spiderman 3, Shrek 3, Transformers, Harry Potter 5, Rush Hour 3, Die Hard 4, The Simpsons, another Jason Bourne movie

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