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Will to star in I am legend


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Teens Meet Will Smith on Location in Yorktown

Sprawling Stuart's Farm on Granite Springs Road was transformed into a Hollywood set last Monday (September 25) for the first day - and only day in Yorktown -- of principal photography on Will Smith's new movie, I Am Legend. A quartet of excited Yorktown High School juniors -- (l-r) Katie Ptak, Nicole Battista, Elissa Apar and Kristen Guttormsen - were lucky enough to spend a few minutes chatting with the superstar. Even though they learned from a crew member on location that they were visiting Smith on his birthday, the teens were asked not to mention it to him on set "so he can stay in character." Smith told the students that Neville -- the sole healthy survivor of a biological war who fights creatures of the night -- is his "most challenging role" to date because he must carry the whole movie single-handedly. The teenagers told NCN they found the talented actor and rapper "really friendly. He acted like he already knew us." He also raved to the ladies about his hometown NFL team Philadelphia Eagles. The Warner Brothers production of I Am Legend, a spinoff of 1971's The Omega Man starring Charlton Heston, continues filming in New York City, and is slated to arrive in theaters in 2007. We know four moviegoers who will be in line the day it opens.


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@ viper: Yeah, it's confusing but Alice Braga got the role. The same day she was cast I got a mail which said Gabrielle Union was probably cast and got another email an hour later in which they told me Braga (as Anna) and Richardson joined the cast.

Good! I can't stand Gabrielle Union. Don't know why, it's just something about her...

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