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Whats Jazzy Jeffs best solo cd?

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I'm pretty interested in his solo work any 2nd opinions? And whats his MySpace web adress?

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The Magnificent is amazing, a definate must-have :jazzy:


I can't stress enough how amazing that album is. Out of all of the hip-hop albums I've ever heard, that is the best one.

Personally I was disappointed with the mixtapes though, but then it isn't really my thing..

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Jazzyz best CD is second half of Hes The DJ... But The magnificent is the best when it comes to his solo work!

Anyone know when The Return of da Magnificent will come out?

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I have a feeling its gonna be the return of the magnificent.. in fact I think this will be the best post JJFP record (code red era on)

:word: :iagree:

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Yup, you're all right. The Magnificent is his best solo cd, because it's his only solo cd up to now. In august we can then discuss about this question again, when his 2nd album "the return of the Magnificent" is released...

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