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  1. I HAD the single. but it got damaged and then I misplaced it. Must have lost it whilst I was moving
  2. To all Will Smith Fans. I heard this B side on the Freakin' it single but I the CD got damaged. The greatest B side I have ever heard. I come from England and I'm not sure if the B side was only on the english version of the single. DOES ANYONE HAVE IT??????????????
  3. i didn't even know he was still an actor
  4. i have respect for him and the fact that he is his own man to the poiontwhere he refuses to rely on dr dre's position to get into the game
  5. another class performance by middlesborough
  6. This is emmillio. Anyone who has Holla back please mail me coz i really need it. One of the best Will smith b sides ever
  7. yeah that bell air moment was a good one. it goes to show that a good comedy can have substance and emotions in its story lines
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