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I've been Invited to a Pursuit of Happyness Screening!


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I have been invited to a private screening of Pursuit of Happynes!!!

This Thursday!!!!!

In Seattle!!

Don't believe me, check this out!!!


Greenfield Online invites you to a screening of...


A new movie starring…

WILL SMITH (Hitch, I Robot)



Screening Date: Thursday, March 16th

Screening Time: Arrive for check-in at 6:15 PM

Show time is 7:00 PM

Location: AMC Pacific Place 11

Address: 600 Pine Street (4th Level of the Pacific Place Mall)

Seattle, WA 98101

Age: 21-49 Years Old


Confirmation Phone#: (877) 862-3456 toll free

Please have this invitation with you when you call.

You can RSVP any day of the week (open 8 AM to 8 PM)

You and a guest are invited to attend a special screening of a new


The Pursuit of Happyness, starring Will Smith, Thandie Newton and Jaden


In the moving drama The Pursuit of Happyness, Chris Gardner (Will


is a marginally employed salesman and a single father, struggling with

the mother (Thandie Newton) of his five-year-old son (Jaden Smith).


they are evicted from their apartment, Gardner finds himself alone with

his son in San Francisco and no place to go. Even when Gardner lands an

intern position at a prestigious stock brokerage firm, it pays no


Forced to live in shelters, Chris refuses to let adversity get in the

way of being a good father or dampen his spirits as he pursues his

dreams of security for himself and his son.

Important Information

For this screening, you and your guest MUST be 21-49 years old

Arrive 45 minutes before show time

You must bring this pass with you to the screening

No camera phones or other recording devices will be allowed in the


By attending this private event you agree to the following:

This invitation is for you and one guest. You and your guest MUST be

between the ages of 21 and 49. No one under the age of 21 (including

infants) will be admitted. You must RSVP for anyone attending, and

present this pass when you arrive. However, seating cannot be


This screening will be monitored for unauthorized recording. You may

not bring any audio or video recording device into the theater (this

includes cell phones with cameras). You consent to a physical search


your belongings and person. You can assist us by leaving all bags and

cameras at home or in your vehicle. Any attempted use of recording

devices during the screening will result in immediate removal from the

theater, forfeiture of the device and may subject you to criminal and

civil liability. Please turn all non-camera cell phones and pagers off

or to silent mode during the screening.

No one will be admitted who appears to be intoxicated or under the

influence of drugs. No one who is dirty or improperly dressed will be

allowed to attend the screening. Anyone creating a disturbance or

interfering with the screening enjoyment of others in the audience will

be removed from the theater.

No one in the entertainment industry or media will be permitted to

attend. Since this is a private recruited audience screening, if you or

your guest do not meet the audience criteria for this screening you may

not be admitted.

However, I may not be able to go...That really stinks!!!

I'll try to make it and tell y'all how it was!!! :1-cool:

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what do you mean.. you might not be able to go? are you between 21 and 49? Go see it about 9 months before anyone else!!! then tell us what it was like.. damn I'd never let an opportunity like that pass

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what do you mean.. you might not be able to go? are you between 21 and 49? Go see it about 9 months before anyone else!!! then tell us what it was like.. damn I'd never let an opportunity like that pass

:word: Are you crazy? you HAVE to go.

:word: If I were you I would make sure I could go!!! This is something that won't happen to you ever again...you just have to go!!

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