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Those pix were great guys. Ya'll are so lucky. Kev U got a signed by Will and Jeff that is just awsome :yeah:

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Kev why did Skillz call you Kevtastic.. its that what you introduced yourself as :lolsign: :lolsign:

I guess Darnell told him my name, I didn't speak to him until briefly after the show to thank him for the shout out

Oh and Lerkot yeh that is Darnell, (Ronaldo hehe,)

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dope pics Kev! u are definitely privelaged 2 get he's the dj signed by both of them!!

oh and lerkot, that other guy is darnell

Yeh i do feel priveleged to have them both sign it. Then again i also stood out in the freezing cold for 4 hours to meet Will, and made a long trek on the train to see Jeff live so i think i did my time.

Next time they are gonna be both playing in Kettering so i wont have to go far :P hehe

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