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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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Just thought i'd get this up and ready for when me and Jonny come online Sunday/Monday to talk about our time at the JJ shows

Im gonna be taking my camera for sure so expect pics.

I'm also taking my half signed (Just Will so far) He's The DJ.... album sleeve for Jeff to sign, now that'd be worth a few bob after that night.


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Don't forget to ask about a JJFP tour, especially in the UK !!

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Before the Club

Got up at 9.30, sent a pm to Tim to try and find out how to pronounce Darnell (it had been bugging me all night!), anyways Tim never replied in time so I had a shower, then went to the bus stop to get the 11.10 bus into Lancaster. I powerwalked to the station because I didn't know where it was and there was no way I was gonna miss anything... anyways, I had to get a bus to Preston instead of a train because of engineering work or summat. I was sitting next to some Punjabi gangster who I figured out lived in Staines (aiiiiiii)! Got a sandwich, scrisps and coke in Preston because I was well hungry, then got a nice warm train to Manchester (getting nearer!). Got 60 quid out the cash machine (I figured it was gonna be an expensive day)...I spent half an hour trying to find the club (Sankey's) so I knew how to get there and back later... turns out it's down some scary ass backstreets, got lost a few times but friendly people always helped me on my way... I was in the middle of Manchester city centre, but at one point I didn't see any person/moving car for about 5 minutes! Bought a hat from JJB cos it was bloody freezing, then proceeded back to the station.

Bought 3 cans of Red Bull from Sainsburys in the station (to keep me awake later). Then spent 20 minutes reading a poker magazine in WHSmith (pretty useful actually, you might wanna pick one up Tim!), anyway - spent 10 quid topping my phone up.

Then I had to find another club (called 'Simple') where I was gonna meet Sally (this girl I met off the net) and her friends at 9pm... turns out it was down another dodgy backstreet with numerous adult sex shops (got a phot o somewhere :lol:)... I bought a disposable camera on the way cos my video camera sucks at taking stills and there was no way I was gonna miss having a photo with Jeff cos Darnell couldn't work out how to use my camera! haha

Still freezing cold so I bought some magic gloves from Yeoman's, 99p - bargain! Decided to go back to the station since it was still bloddy freezing ( got smaked on the head by a pigeon's wing on the way hehe)... killed some time reading some more poker literature for about 20 minutes...

I decided to walk back to Sankey's to get a photo and refamiliarise myself with the route (I had it down to a tee by now), then wandered aimlessly around some random streets for about half an hour before heading back to the station to get a subway (footlong chicken and bacon ranch on italian with herbs and cheese if anyone's interested). After sitting in the station for a while I realised there was a sports bar upstairs, so I rushed up and was promptly sitting in a comfy leather chair in front of a large screen watching Liverpool vs Charlton, accompoined by a pint of Carling Extra Cold (the no alcohol on 'Jeff-night' went out of the window pretty quick you will soon come to realise :rofl:)...

Left after the game had finished to meet with Sally (and her friends Chris, Deb and Jamie) at Simple... it was a pretty cool place actually, consumed three double vodkas and red bull there (needed the caffiene for later on in the night ;))... It got to about 11 oclock so we went to Sally's office (which is in the same building as Sankey's) so they could pick up their tickets... ended up having 3 bottles of bubbly and a bottle of wine whilst we were there tho lol, anyways... we went downstairs to the club...

In the Club (but before Jeff's show)

Got searched like I'd never been searched before to get in this place (they even made me lose that expensive red bull I'd bought earlier!)... It was a crazy club... loads of people, 2 floors pretty regular stuff. There was a nice bit set aside (which I was fairly certain would be for Jeff later on). Went upstairs cos Sally's friend's huband was dj'in, (Mike), dude was really good (and got us free drinks after which was pretty cool to!), anyway, I went downstairs at 1.45 cos I wanted to be ready for when Jeff arrived... so here's me standing midway between the 2 places I think Jeff and his crew will enter from, it get's to about 2.15 and I've been standing gazing through the smoke-machine-smoke trying to keep an eye on these 2 spots, then I see movement! - screw it, I got my camera out and went over...

Jeff's Show!

Got over to the side of this area where Jeff would be workin his magic, and Darnell is setting up all of Jeff's equipment, yes - I can see the legendary Mac laptop! I thought it best not to bother him just yet. Skillz is hyping the crowd up (what an MC he is btw!) whilst Jeff is just putting the finishing touches to his playlist on Serato Scratch), anyway, Skillz basically tells the in house DJ to shut the F**k up, and Jeff begins!

Just classic Jazzy Jeff stuff, crowd goin' wild, Skillz doin his thing (you'll see it all on the video), oh by the way did I mention I videoed the WHOLE of Jeff's set in one video - no interuptions!!!!!!!!!

So I stand round this side bit for about 20 mins, then move to the front for a while, then I noticed Darnell is sitting nead the edge on the other side, so I went round... caught his attention and called him over to the barrier and said "Hey man, I'm Jonny, you know Tim in Australia right!?" he just grabbed my hand, told the bouncer to let me in, so I'm in this courdened off bit with just Me, Jeff, Skillz and Darnell!!!!!

Darnell was like "go stand over there and film" so I brushed past Jeff and was standing about 12 inches from his mac and about a yard away from Jeff, which is exactly where I stayed until the very end of the show! Filming Jeff's every move on the wheels of steel, dude is truely a genius!

Anyway, Jeff's set finishes about 4.20 am, and straightway Darnell is like "Jeff, this is Jonny", so I'm shakin hands with Jeff on stage infront of like hundreds of people, it was totally nuts. So Jeff puts this huuuuge coat on and a hat whilst Darnell is packin the equipment away, then I got Darnell to take a pic of Me and Jeff on the disposable, that is gonna be DOPE when I get it processed!

I shook hands with Jeff again, told him how much I loved his work and that "Tim sent me down tonight", and he was like "yeah, Tim's my man!", said laters to Darnell and thanked him again... walked out the club to meet the others. Everyone was like so jealous it was freakin' awesome, but eitherway, I reckon at least 99% of people left Sankey's haveing just listened to the best DJ set they have ever heard, and everyone was saying that aswell - they had never seen anything like it. To be fair, it was the best set of Jeff's I've ever heard - it was simply flawless... anyways, said goodbyes tot the great new people I'd met and they said next time (since they now knew I wasn't psychotic) they'd defo hook me up with a bed for the night... so I headed back to the station in awe, every step I took I was saying in my head "Oh - My - F**cking God", and I actually had a tear in my eye at one point... this had to be the best night of my life - ever.

After the Show

Walked back to the station (the main street way (didn't want anything dodgy to happen to my precious camera :lol:) and bought some egg on toast and a cup of tea... dude tried to rip me off cos he suspected I was drunk (which I wasn't) so I was like "No Way, added up the two items correctly in front of him, and he promptly shut the hell up and accepted the right money... went back into the station, unfortunately the sports bar was shut so I was forced to sit in the draughty bit and talk to two Albanian fellows (who'd come to Mancs from London to watch the boxing) about how girls could survive whilst wearing such tiny skirts in the winter... went back to WHSmith as soon as it opened and browsed countless stupid magazines and books for about 50 minutes until I got my train at 7.56. Got to Preston about 8.50, and due to my sleep deprivation asked the ticket person when the next bus to Preston was :lol: she was like "What!?!", I had to wait til 11am for the bus, so Ibought another sandwich crisps and a drink and waited, got the bus back after some confusion outside, then walked the horrible hill back up to the uni, what a cracking time, and I've mainly got Tim to thank for it, thankx dude - you are THE MAN.

It just goes to show though, if you wanna see Jeff/Will you gotta persist and do stupid (if not in my case fairly irresponsible!) things otherwise it pretty much ain't gonna happen... they're not coming to your doorstep (unless you're Cookies that is :1-smile: )... Gonna put my video (all 1 hour 47 minutes of it) in the JJFP Rare Tracks forum a bit later on, you will NOT be disappoined!

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Lets talk about one of the best nights of my life.

Firstly i end up going with 2 mates. Jeff and crew turn up pretty late and we see them hanging at the back of the stage. I give what i hope is Darnell a shout and he grabs me up on stage and takes me straight to Jeff. I get my CD sleeve signed and a photo taken with him. I then give the site a quick plug and think i better head back down from stage so Jeff can get sorted.

So i hop back off stage only for Darnell to give me a shout saying dude you can stay up here. Im thinking this guy rules but that wasn't it. I let him know i had 2 mates with me and he ended up getting us all backstage passes for the show. I got my mates photos with Jeff and then we went up the balcony to watch the show

Darnell then offered us a beer and ended up giving us a whole crate to drink between us. He then said Kev come down on stage, So i got to watch the whole show sidestage and taking photos of Jeff doing his thing close up.

His MC "MAD SKILLZ" was great and to top it off he gave a shout out to me over the mic.

Jeff played some great tunes and ended with snippets of Summertime and FPOBA

As they were running late and in a hurry they all had to leave quickly afterwards and i only just go to talk again to Jeff quickly. I said i can't wait for the new album and you gotta get that tour with Will on the road. He smiled back and shook my hand again.

We stook around and then DJ Skully finished the night off, hehe that dudes from my hometown, who would have thought it.

Tim thanx so much for hooking me up with Darnell, that guy treated us like royalty

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