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i guess you're right. And chief, Payback is a b***** aint it. Drive thru, thank you

yes, you tried payback 2 times on me today and 4 times yesterday, all of which were unsucessful. why would you say such stupid things when you can't back them up? taking lessons from snatch, eh?

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keep taking it son...ive infected it all with small pox......

oh..and by the way..that whopping 40gs you took really hurt me....i cannot sustain much more in this game....

now...i suggest you go suckle on your mothers teet and get those nutrients that you missed out on. Cuz i think you have the onset of parkinsons, or your just dumb...:)

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i can't pay you back Wes. Fine. And Max Fly, i couldn't say it to you cause i havent paid you back for the money looted. And chief, speaking of nuts, why don't you tell everyone how much money i steal from your tribe daily

I see Ace is going by the name Abramoff now...

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