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Here's LL feat. J . Lo "Control Myself". I know no one requested it, but I found it, and it's on Rapidshare.

I haven't heard the actually song yet, but I think this is truly a song to break the stereotypical barrier on Hip Hop music, just by the way it sounds.

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The beat is good Fuq now i noticed too that Afrika Bambaataa used it on "Lookin for the Perfect Beat" or maybe LL used Afrika's beat!...someone who can clear this?

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boogie down productions - under the bridge ??

Mystic - Life & Mystic f/ Kam, Talib Kweli - The Life Remix!

Anyone know this lady? Is she doing music like this one above? I need to know cause this song totally destoyed me (in positive meaning of course). Songs like this are gaving me power to positive act & thinking!

that track was produced by a-plus from souls of mischief/hieroglyphics.. great track maxfly put the video up in his music videos post

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nod ya head remix

that song is on the born to reign album. the rule is that we don't put up album music for download. go buy the album to hear out on all the stuff u dont have!

That the rule? Sow how come that KRS Song and LL`s B.A.D are in here? Or is that rule just for JJFP stuff? :stars:

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