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i got another hard 1.. "i'll be" by foxy brown featuring jay-z.. but heres the tricky part.. I need the remix that samples rapture by blondie.. the original version suxs this remix is awesome! but its hard to find.. if u can get that 1 you r a genius

still need this

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anyone got the LL Cool J diss on Ice-T and MC Hammer

i haven't got that one but this diss track is hot

LL Cool J - Can-I-Bus

A lot of people think Canibus won that battle... I do not agree. I think LL murdered him, especially with the "99% of your fans don't exist" line. Even more telling, Canibus is almost more now than he was back then.

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Canibitch? haha...LL won that with flying colors

i def agree with you on that one.....LL straight murdered him...ive also been noticing how many people think Canibitch won, but they have to ask themselves one question.........WHERES CANIBUS NOW? hahahahaha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

He was blown off the planet!!!!!!!!! alright not literally :lolsign:

oh and btw does anyone have the In The House theme, you know LL Cool J's show, or O.G by Ice T

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