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hey viber, real nice avatar, or whatever its called! :2thumbs:

does anyone have the sexy lady track? (with Will)? if so, maybe this should have its own topic.. but anyway.. my cd was stolen (together with bad boys soundtrack some other albums) a couple of years back during a party. I've replaced all the other cds but sexy lady is no where to be found here in sweden. I dont have a creditcard, and dont whant one, so i cant order it online from some other country.

would be really great to have it for tonights party if thats possible. would be very thankfull for this track, i miss it :(

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I need these JJFP trax:

Parents Just Don't Understand (Danny D Remix) 6:00 version

Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Extended Version)

The Groove (Jazzy's Groove) (Extended Version) (5:28)

The Groove (Grover's Groove) (With Rap) (6:10)

Megamix (Extended Version)


The Ripper Strikes Back


I Need A Beat (Original Version, not on Radio)

I'll try to help anyone in need when I can. Thanks.

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Jazzy Jeff & Mad Skillz Live @ The DNA Lounge - I would really appreciate it if anyone could upload this for me. Thanks!!

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I've got one BIG request:

Common ft. Mary J. Blige - Come Close.

(I have to get into Common's stuff)


I need the bonus track of Xzibit's 2nd album "40 Dayz & 40 Nightz" titled "Don't let the money make you" (Runtime: 5:19)

Anyone got it??


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