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Curtis Mayfield - Here But I'm Gone (this is also a song from a movie The Mod Squad, interesting song)

If you havent found the song yet, here you go Damian:

Curtis Mayfield - Here But I'm Gone

And once again, If someone could upload some JJFP/Will/Jeff videos that would be great! I'm really startin' to miss 1000 kisses, summertime and I'm lookin' for the one.

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As I was saying about videos..... here you go:


Thanx so much damilan!

Do you have this track without Lauryn Hill? The original version?

i think i have it on another qomputer. If I find it I'll upload it tomorrow.

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Hey Brakes, I searched for the song and found it was on 'The Last Meal' album? You think it'd be possible for you to download the song and maybe loop a part of the beat yourself? that could be an option. I haven't heard it myself yet.

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