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Hey guys! My new and improved website is now up for all of you to view!! Its awesome and I absolutely love it! Thanks to Tim who without him it wouldn't be possible! :2thumbs:

Check it out and let me know what you think on my forum!!


Also, I know theres a few people who haven't joined my forum yet!! If not sign up and hav a look around! i got quite a few members from this board on there!!

Da Brakes Forum


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yeah its a start its a start.. It can only get better from here.. The kool thing is you can listen to samples of da brakes new album on the site...ether!! "PEEP IT OUT" <---in my best DJ E-Diat voice :kekeke:

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hey, this site is much better then old one! congratulation:)

why you don't picked up Da Brakes - Its all about Da Brakes & Da Brakes - I Don't Wanna Know (Remix) to your cd?

Coz those are old songs that I've done and wouldn't really fit on this album!

And to answer Julies question, I did half of the beats on the album! Thats something I'm well proud of considering I wouldn't class myself as a producer!

Glad you all like it! I love it! Watch this space for the album!! Its coming real soon!

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