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Switch 6th highest selling Australian single for 2005


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It was a huge hit..here is the top 10 singles for the year

1 THE PRAYER Anthony Callea SBME 82876673582

2 DON'T CHA The Pussycat Dolls UMA 9884367

3 LONELY Akon UMA 9882188

4 AXEL F Crazy Frog WEA/WAR 5046797942

5 OVER AND OVER Nelly feat. Tim McGraw CRB/UMA 9880063

6 SWITCH Will Smith INR/UMA 9880628

7 LET ME LOVE YOU Mario J/SBME 82876679752

8 NASTY GIRL Nitty UMA 2103916

9 FEEL GOOD INC. Gorillaz CAP/EMI 8695452

10 DON'T PHUNK WITH MY HEART Black Eyed Peas UMA 9882329

#4 for biggest rnb/rap singles of the year..

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Great news Tim...

It was the #15 highest selling Belgian Single for 2005!

It's highest peak was #2 and it stayed in the charts for more then 19 weeks!

#6 for biggest rnb/rap singles of the year..


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cool news, the bad news is tho, u got that damn crazy frog over there too. How the hell does an annoying fromg beat Will going ding ding ding.

I cant find where switch got to in the UK. i know it was definatly in the top 30 of the best selling of the year bcoz it got nominated for the single of the year.

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