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What are your.. Shadow Dreams?


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ive been making a list as ive grown up to all the things im gonna do in my life and im gonna do them all before i die.

The main one was be a fully qualified veterinary nurse and i took my final exams about 2 weeks ago. Im gonna have a family, go to new york, california, florida, kenya and australia. Meet Will and jeff (done lol) but i have yet to see them perform and get a pet dog (i know that one sounds rubbish but im not allowed one and i really want one).

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I don't really look at any of my aspirations are considered Shadow Dreams cuz i just look at them as goals, which i do think will come 2 pass. I guess i'm just ready 2 get my own place and a new car sometime this year. Today marks a full year of being single for me. I've had some experimenting in the mean time...and i'm anxious 2 see how that is gonna work out. I plan on succeeding in my job and and getting promoted. I plan on strengthing myself spiritually. I guess most of my Shadow Dreams are just goals which i easily seeing come 2 pass.

Maybe if i start writing alot or wanna take my acting 2 the next level, that would be a Shadow Dream, but that just hasn't been my passion 4 awhile.

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Just because a dream is lurking in the shadows doesn't mean that you should just

forget it

I mean you work and you push and you sweat and you toil and you strive and drive

till you get it shadow dreams


Do you like my sig Tim? :2thumbs:

My shadow dream is to play in the NBA. I know its an unrealistic dream, but that is a dream I am not gonna give up. I am definitely going to play basketball my whole life, even if I don't make the NBA. Playing basketball is one of my favorite things to do.

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