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What are your.. Shadow Dreams?


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I wanna finish my school education in a good way and than I wanna get into the fashion busines. Study on a fahsion school in Amsterdam, Paris or maybe even New York.

And a other one having my own juice bar on Hawai,lol.But I don`t think that will happen..Maybe one day.

the fashion business and a juice bar... and they say the man's not feminine! :lol:

Doesnt have to be fashion. Could also be product design.

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dang. Its cool to read all of your shadow dreams. :2thumbs: My shadow dreams BEEN just lurking in the shadows for ages., but hopefully theyll surface...

~ Write a book AND (similar to Chief's ideas) a screen play abt my experience in war and star as

MOI~self... (dont wanna become a star, just do this ONE military movie)... one hit wander with LOADS of money... haha

~ Produce my own trax for the screen play, and select the music/musicians that I feel would create the right tone for certain scenes...

~ Produce a mini tv series called, "A Place 2 Chill"... based on REAL life situations of single parents (some from my own experiences actuallly)... using it as a motivational tool ,...kinda with a real cool dancical / artistic twyst to it...

~ Move to California and get a really beautiful home overlooking the ocean...with a piece of beachfront and LOTS of palm trees... (thats the LAST thing I see happening tho. LOL)

~ Have a music AND Art studio in my home....AND half basketball court cuz i like to shoot ball. and a fully equipped gym. whoo hooo! LMAO.

~ Finally, meet the man of my dreams, like someone said in other words... and 'do it' alot. LMBO .... :2thumbs: ((( shhhhh, dont tell nobody ! )))) lmbo

~ of course financial freedom/ stability ,...meaning, I can pay bills without worrying whats gonna get shut off tomorrow... lmbo



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:: Sleeping with Jessica Alba :kekeke:

:: Running an half-hour tv show for a year or two

:: Writing, producing and directing (probably starring, too) a movie - indipendent or not. I got an idea to this film too: :jusmindyabizness:

It was a dream / nightmare I had last week. I was in a building with a friend. Outside there was the police that wanted to :bat: us. The crazy thing. Everything was surreal and the craziest thing - we didn't know what we've had done. So we couldn't get out. But then - my pal wanted cigarettes. There weren't any cigarettes in this building. --- WE HAD TO GET OUT AND RISK OUR LIFE'S.. and then - DAMN! I woke up.. Gotta write the end to it

:: Becoming better in rapping and become a rapper

:: Sleeping with Angelina Jolie...

:: After splitting up with Jessica Alba find a girl, marry her and get a tons of kids...

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Someday I'd like to

-Sit courtside at a Lakers home game

-Get into a college near home, maybe University of Irvine in Cali and have tuition paid for

-Get better at writing rhymes &

-Get better at freestyling

-Have a job that pays really well

-Finally see JJFP in concert one of these days

-be taller

:pony: and I see a lot of the people here write raps and stuff like that. Why don't we start up the JJFP album idea again?

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