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Will Shut Out At Grammys


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:word: Even if "Lost and Found" sold 5 million they'd find a way not to nominate it for anything but no matter how foul the music industry treats him now, you can't take away the fact that Will won the 1st RAP grammy! btw, it's hard to put somebody in a pop category when they don't sell millions of albums, that's why I was shocked that they gave Will the best male artist at the AMAs, that was one of the top awards, it's easier for a rapper to win a rap award than it is to win a pop award, only the top selling rappers get in the pop category, that's why I'm shocked Kanye got nominated for album of the year, I figured they'd gave the nod to Eminem or 50 Cent since they outsold him.

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Is it surprising that the industry shuts him out? NO

Has it been done before? Yes

Am i Surprised? NO

Well, He would def deserve some nominations, but i don't think he would've won anything. Both Common and Kanye dropped a bit hotter this year. It's been a good record year.

But yeah, There is NO quality in 50 cent's music. I mean.. seriously, the grammys ain't a popularity award, it's a MUSIC award.

Will is getting blackballed.

50 is in it just cause Iovine pulled some strings.

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