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Any Photoshop People Out There?

Da Brakes

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Hey guys!

Are there any of you Photoshop people out there that can help me with my album cover? I have the picture that I want on there, but I just need help with putting the text on there! I'm totally useless at that kinda stuff! Let me know if you'd be so kind enough to help me! :lolsign:

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Cheers Lerkot!! In fact, I'll just post the pic I'm using and if people want they can mess around with it and post it back up! I really appreciate this guys!! I've almost finished the album and it sounds great! I just need it to have a awesome front cover!!

This is the photo I wanna use!

And the only text I want on the album cover is:

Da Brakes

Business As Ususal

Thanks in advance!! :2thumbs:

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Hey yo I aint nowhere done yet... I was just gonna ask if that cropping is okey? Its the right size (I think at least, I put another front on the computer to compare and it fit well, but I had to remove a lot of the bottom. Is it okey or should I try to perhaps make the whole hand fit into the picture?

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i can already tell that the pic lerkot made isn't the right size. all album covers are perfect squares, meaning they're demensions should be the same. the pic lerkot posted had dimensions of 411 x 382, which is slightly rectangular. unfortunately i dont know the exact dimensions nor do i know how to use photoshop, but i do know that the first step of your image is that it should be a square so it fits in the jewel case properly.

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