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Any Photoshop People Out There?

Da Brakes

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ok.... Guess whos here, haha!!!!!!! alright Well I'mma be very busy for 2-3 days so if u can wait that long I'll have it "Professionally" done lol! anyways gimmie a bit I'll have a nice cover for you.

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I'm none-too-good with the art and such, but a cool concept might be to put a business card image on it, with "Da Brakes" and "Business As Usual" for the employee name and company name, with interesting info filling out the rest of it... (job title: "MC" address: the address for the UK stock exchange, etc...)

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Wow! Thats tight Jonny! I really like it! Just one question tho? Whats the date for? Maybe the text could be a bit bigger and more prominent but apart from that I REALLY like it!!!

Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with! This is gonna be real hard to decide!!

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