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As many of you know, trial hearings are being carried out in Pennsylvania concerning whether intelligent design should be somehow acknowledged in science classes in that state. Any thoughts on the issue? I realize that many on this forum hail from different countries. How is intelligent design handled in your respective school systems. Is it even acknowledged?

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In France, the teaching of the "intelligent design" is inconceivable because we live in a secular country (US is too, I know) and anyway the theory of Darwin (the man comes from the monkey) is considered as a fact here... And I think it's good like that. Because it's the truth, isn't it?

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Intelligent design basically states that intelligent causes are responsible for the origin of the universe and of life. By intelligent causes, one is to infer that God or a higher power was involved in creation. People also refer to intelligent design as creationism.

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well never came across it myself in my schooling life.. but few classes even teach australian history..and what happened to the original australians :shrug: a lot of stuff is just force fed and get everyone acting like sheep.. can't say original thought is encouraged from my experiences..

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schools should inform students on all research and ideas..then they can make their own minds up.

I disagree, ID has no place in schools. Evolution is a scientifically sound theory with a lot of evidence supporting it. Intelligent Design doesn't even qualify as a scientific theory, let alone a sound one. It's purely a cover for religious beliefs. As such, it should be preached in churches, not in taught schools. While I don't like the idea that churches preach anti-scientific notions (especially since, in the US, they get special tax breaks that means my taxes are higher, which in effect means that I'm helping to pay for churches), I strongly believe in religous freedom, so I have to take the bad with the good.

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