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how do you rate the Party Starter Music Video?  

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I did realise it wasn't a real party!!  I understand the concepts of music videos!  But one of the points the video was showing how he could rock any party he's at  and thats what I enjoyed about it!

:word: You are right Da Brakes!

well said brakes.. I cant believe the hating this video is getting.. Yes I would have rather had dj jazzy jeff there instead of a fake jazzy jeff..yes I would have rather them focus on wills 3rd verse and what hes saying.. yes I could have done without the rock and line dancing scenes.. But how can you ignore the incredible special efx in this video.. the amazing transitions, the little things.. classic fresh prince humurous girlie action.. the energy!! how good is each frame in that 2nd verse!..the way they change the dancers in the background.. the way the background reacts to what Wills doin..the incredible colors!!! maybe when people watch the video a few times like me they'll notice how good it is...

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I went for 8...they could have done more with the third verse!

I agree on the third verse.. they should have been focusing on what Will was saying not showin will moshing and line dancing... BUT I think it's one of Will's best videos anyway so I'm givin it a 10 :sipread:

I love the moshing bit, i wouldn't of thought will would get involved in pushing people around in there before seeing that, maybe he spent too much time watching wicked wisdom

I don't get the hateing the video is getting either, the rock bit and line dancing add's to the fun, it's classic fresh prince having a bit of fun

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Since im a rock fan to, its great to see Will in a mosh pit and rocking the crowd.

Overall i thought the video was great, i gave it an 8 as i agree with others about the whole emphasing on the lyrics wasn't great. But to be honest what video's do nowadays.

Great stuff, gonna be a hit on the TV, can't wait to see it on there.

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11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man that just wrong 2 put 1-10...

that speacel effects r hottt...

but 2 thing disturbed me

1. why Will dace polka? (russian dance...)

2. why Will inside a "FOGO" in rock concert? and who is that guy with the afro?

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I gave it a solid 9, would have liked a little better focus on the lyrics for the third verse. The special effects were amazing!

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it's a perfect 10!! it took me some time to download it thanks to my slow ass pc but it was worth it, i LOVE this video, the last outfit makes will look soooo HOT, i bet all girls out here know what i'm talking about! i don't know why you complain about the line dancing or the rock part, i think it's awasome and very funny plus it's clear that will is just having fun so don't take it so seariously. :mrt2:

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I gave it an 8. The video didn't really jive with the lyrics, and Will's surroundings were busy, often taking away from what he was rhyming, especially on that last verse. And my man was line dancing...

Other than that, it was a great video. It's not what I expected... the special effects were crazy... I assume it will do well when it comes to tv...

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8, Wasnt as good as the Miami video i thought that was cool. Shame Luda wasn't in the vid coz that would of raised the single sales a bit.

I haven't seen the video yet, that sucks that Luda and Jeff aren't in it!! When I get home from school I'm definitely gonna check this out!

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You know what, for a non-proper fans prospective you could be fooled to thinking that is Jeff on the decks.

They even got him dancing behind the decks like Jeff does at live performances.

Bit of a kop out to have a stand in though Will, if Jeff cudn't make the shoot it'd be better to have a nobody being himself rather than an impersonator

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