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how do you rate the Party Starter Music Video?  

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  1. 1. how do you rate the Party Starter Music Video?

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I gave it an 8, really enjoyed it, but why on earth is Will squinting his face?, that threw me off a bit...the video was obviousy upto scratch graphically but there could have been more ingenious moments, one of the few was the getting back of that hot girl with the turntable...i mean if your spending so much on graphics you could dpend some time making more unique stuff like that...i appreciate special effects, but it isn't everything, because people are awed by special effects for a short while, but after that the original appeal fades away...

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I gave it a 9. The line dancing was funny, the effects were dope. The begining, to me, gave out a Miami vibe. It should have put more focus on the lyrics. And I admit that I had my own vision for this video, but it did many things well in its own right.

God Blessa!

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