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Okay, so what are the Top 5 classic DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince tracks that still gives you goose bumps all over you and makes you all nostalgic and weepy? Here are the tracks to which I really get chills down my spine even today:

1.I'm All That


3.Lovely Daze


5.Somethin' Like Dis

There you go. :2thumbs: :jazzy:

And I'm sorry if such a topic already exists. :1-say-yes:

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For the 'goose bumps' and 'chill down the spine' element, only live music tends to do that to me so I'm gonna slightly change the topic if that's cool with you...

I Wanna Rock (and Jeff scratching) at the Nokia Urban Music Festival earlier this year

Live In Union Square concert, mainly just the first few minutes

Summertime in Leicester Square, exactly a year ago today (thanks Brakes :2thumbs:)

The crowd and Will doing FPOBA theme at Live 8 in Philly

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Summertime ALWAYS at top (that track is how I wanna live my life on the summers)

As a kid, well upto i was 18 my summers were like that, in fact last summer when i was 20 i lived a great summer chilling and having fun cos i had a decent job, this summer has been abit of a let down so far.

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