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A long time ago, a friend and I debated on how JJ/FP could strike most moods in you, depending on what you're listening to. I haven't seen this posted here, so I'll ask, what different JJ/FP songs/discs strike different moods in you?

For me:

Code Red (disc) - Always makes me think of Christmas with my family, makes me nostalgic. I can't help it, every time I listen, I get a content smile on my face.

Summertime - Obviously, summer. :) Makes me feel like cruisen with the windows down.

He's The D.J., I'm The Rapper (track) - Gives me just an insane feeling of energy evertime I hear it.

Just Rocken' - I'm not sure why, but this song really motivates me to do stuff. Makes me feel like I should be worken towards dreams.

Will 2K - Makes me feel like I should just be having fun right now, enjoying life.

So what are some of the songs/discs that really effect ~you~?

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Maybe I'm twisting your original concept for this thread, Schnazz :wink: but alotta songs remind me of certain memories, too. And I always find that kinda funny, how certain tracks bring me right back to very specific times and places. Primarily for my own amusement, here's a list of some JJFP tracks that are that way for me. :chuks: This may of may not be interesting for anyone else but myself...

Candy: I'm at a "Valentine's Day Party" at this girl's house in 5th grade. Heck yes, a boy-girl Valentine's day party at age 10 is a big deal, despite the fact that, as far as I can remember, all I did was drink fruit punch and play Nintendo 64 with my compadres. But every time I hear this song, brings me right back.

Then She Bit Me: I distinctly remember hearing this song for the first time. My friend Sean and I were just starting to delve into old JJFP stuff, and Sean had burned this song on a mix CD. We were listening to it while playing video game wrestling on Nintendo 64 (a game system that is a recurring theme in my memories from this period) at his house, and when this song came on, we just died. Funniest thing in the world, as far as I was concerned. I lost it, to a ridiculous degree.

Taking It To The Top: I heard this song for the first time just a few months ago, when someone generously linked it up on this forum. Anyways, on May 1st, my deadline day for my college decision, I listened to this track on loop for like, 3 hours. Clearly, old school Rock the House tracks are condusive to making big life decisions. Anyways, there I was, home alone, the Syracuse and Iona applications laying out in front of me on the kitchen table, the post office closing-time approaching ever so quickly... ugh, I'm getting stressed just thinking about it, and this song will always make me feel like that now. Oh well lol.

Gettin Jiggy Wit It: Pretty much everything circa 5th grade is intertwined with this song, but I specifically remember listening to it in my friend's van on the way for this end-of-the-year thing at this girl's house near the beach. And yes, we were rapping along. Because that's how we rolled.

Party Starter: I remember driving to school for graduation practice insanely early the morning before the big day, playing this song. It was cloudy and raining, and I couldn't believe high school was over. And I needed a loud track to keep me from falling asleep at the wheel lol.

Switch: I distinctly remember hearing this the first time, sitting right where I am at this computer, looking at this very same forum just a few short months ago (although it looked a little different at that point). I was pissed.

Willenium: Reminds me of Christmas day, 1999. Got the CD as a gift, along with a portable CD player. Sitting on the couch in my living room, in front of the christmas tree, listening to it over and over and over. Thanks, Santa.

So Fresh: The aforementioned Sean had Willenium, among other things, playing at his birthday one year (7th grade, maybe?) and I made him play this song, even tho he didn't like it, because I was obsessed with it at the time (still am, really). We were out in his driveway, and I was near the food table eating chips (mmmm), and I remember exactly who I was talking to. Good times.

Well, this has been a fun little excercise of random memories for me before I go to sleep. Ummmm... done! :1-say-yes:

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When I hear "Ain't No Place Like Home" I get memories when I was living in this one apartment complex. Most my friends used to live there and we always play basketball or play our game systems. We just have fun, now everyone move from that apartment complex. This track always lets me reminisce about my childhood. But this is only song makes me feel an emotion or remember things.

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Candy:  I'm at a "Valentine's Day Party" at this girl's house in 5th grade.  Heck yes, a boy-girl Valentine's day party at age 10 is a big deal, despite the fact that, as far as I can remember, all I did was drink fruit punch and play Nintendo 64 with my compadres.  But every time I hear this song, brings me right back.

You went to a girl's house for Valentine's Day Celebration and all you did was play Nintendo???? Man, even though you guys were only 10, you still need an a** whooping for doing that! :lolsign:

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The Rain: I had just bought Willennium and was sitting on the couch..putting stickers in these books listening to the album.. When The Rain came on I had to stop what I was doing, and I just sat there and listened..and I thought it was so dope I had to quickly replay it str8 after.. I couldnt believe Will had done such a dope track

Boom! Shake The Room: 2 memories here.. 1 is seeing it at no. 1 on this music video show(video hits on channel 10 for those in Australia) and it was actually credited as "jazzy jeff" and i didnt realise it was the fresh prince...then I had people at school talking about it and they just though the fresh prince (TV Star) had recorded a track from TV to music not knowing their jjfp history obviously :kungfu:

Live at Union Square: I'm on the bus and me and my friends are laughing at how high pitched Wills voice is not having broken ..sounding so young :haha:

I'm All That: I just have this memory of never knowing what that damn chorus was for about 7 or 8 years :wink:

I'm Looking For The One: okay i'd never seen this music video right..so i'd always request it.. and the request show would get so many requests I couldnt watch it all the time.. the weirdest thing happened.. like 3 or 4 times I just caught the last half of the video.. weird timing.. I never saw the full video til i got the greatest hits compilation

I Wanna Rock: I organised everyone I knew to request I Wanna Rock! even my grandmother! :lolsign: yes i got her to write a letter to the station requesting it.. The hilarious moment was when the host of the show said "we've received a lot of requests for this video this week" Yes it was all masterminded by me!! and i got to see the video :2thumbs:

Lovely Daze: I'm walking down the street and go into this record store I always check and their in the store is Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince's Greatest Hits.. The same week it was released in the US on import..couldnt believe it! so I rushed homeand listened to lovely daze..a JJFP track i'd never heard which was a huge thing in 98!

Miami: when i think of Miami I think of Will's purple shirt :lolsign:

Don't Say Nothin: When this site was online back in 97.. the quote up the top said "she asked me if its true that me and jeff broke up.. Helll Naaa!!!

Potnas: hearing Jeff on the vocals for the first time in ages was a great feeling :jazzy:

Nothin on My Mind: whenever i hear this track I imagine Will at his pool ..trying to swim sum..when he cant swim :rofl:

Here He Comes: I'm sitting in a hotel room with Will and Jeff and Wills writing and rappin back to us.. "he can rap, he can act..." wait that was a dream right :kool:

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I remember gettin jiggy with it, wild wild west, mami, and one other will song that I forget the name but it is on BWS and I remember that summer when me and my friends would hang out and blast the radio with the will smith songs(just the ones that were on the radio because we didn't have the CD's) also at this time the wwf was big and we all were trying to do the scotty 2 hotty worm!! and we would do it to the song, have watergun fights, throw bong bags at each other, cap guns etc.

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Here we go...

Summertime (August 2002) - Was at a holiday college up in Scotland. We didn't have digital TV then so it was quite cool when the cottage did. I used to watch a hell of a lot of TV up there. Anyway, Summertime came on and I was like "This is well good" So I waited for the song to finish, wrote down it's name and the artist (JJFP obviously) on my hand. Got home and downloaded it - and the rest is history! I'll never forget it.

Lovely Daze (September 2003) - After getting the Greatest Hits Album one morning I decided to go for a mega long bike ride to listen to all the tracks (not the best of ideas). Anyways it was over 20 miles, so I listened to each track a couple of times and I remember cruising down this really cool hill, when the sun was setting when Lovely Daze came on. So everytime I hear the track it reminds me of flying down that hill, which is a pretty fitting memory for the track in my opinion.

Code Red (Track) and Ain't No Place Like Home (October 2003) - I had bought the album off Amazon, and got it early one morning. Went to school as normal with the cd and player with me. I ended up staying behind to do some extra maths class after school then me Mum came to pick me up. She went to do some shopping and took ages (typically) so I listened to the whole album whilst waiting in the car. I remember it was raining quite badly but I was in a great mood. I still think of that time sitting in the car everytime I hear either of these two tracks.

Don't Say Nothing (About July 2004) - You should all know what video this track brings memories of! :lolsign:

Good topic idea Schnazz :2thumbs:

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wow, i don't think my memories are as great as y'alls, nor do i have as many, but i'll try it out anyways

Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble - i remember listening 2 the snippet of it on Amazon when i very first learned about JJFP, i was so enthralled by that track. i thought it was the greatest thing ever

He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper (the album) - i remember when my very first JJFP album came in the mail, the He's The DJ cassette! :lolsign: i popped that bad boy in my walk man and i probably listened 2 it 3 times that day. i'll never 4get that summer, just listening 2 it over and over again and what a great album it was

I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson - this computer i'm using now is my own computer, but it's not a name brand computer. it's one that my dad and i built from scratch. we bought all the parts separately, and they were all the best, back in 2000! :lolsign: but anyways, i had just purchased Before The Willennium and i popped that cd in the cd player after we finished building that computer and i had it on repeat for 20 mins probably!

Willennium - my first ever album by JJFP or Will Smith.... i remember it was a busy day and after my mom and i went to the record store, we went like 2 other places that were far away, so luckily i had my cd player with me as i got in the car from buying Willennium, and i popped it in and i was amazed. i also remember when my mom heard the track "Potnas".... one of the few rap songs that she truely appreciates.

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Boom shake the room - memories of being in my garage and dancing around, me and my brother used to go in thier to play music and generally make noise without getting told off. I remmember thinking Will and Jeff must have been like gangsters lol. My cousin also used to play it at family parties in a mini disco room they made thier giant shed thing into.

Summertime - mainly childhood summers, i played the song a lot on one holiday when i got a summer tape and the song was on it. i think it was the only tape i played all holiday.

Wild Wild West - again of holidays. the first time i heard the song i was in our tent on a camping holiday, only we cheated and had a tv in the tent lol. It was there on that piece of grass i became a jjfp fan.

The rain - i have memories of listening to it when i was miserable and it used to pick me up. i dont listen to it anymore when im sad coz it wrecks the song

Switch - definatly the time i was a tad drunk and danced in the middle of the street to it. Street teaming to the extreme, i took it a bit too literally.

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Man, i'm all about tying songs 2 certain times and places.

ROCK THE HOUSE (album) - i just remember listening 2 this album late nite at my cousin crib in da basement. Old skool Hip-Hop at it's best. Just crazy DJing and rapping.

SUMMERTIME - Man, the monumental moment when i heard this song waz at my cousin's crib. We were watching a late nite TV show that aired music videos. It waz summertime and we were already JJ+FP fans...so when they aired it, history waz made. But this song represents every single summer after it dropped. I'm so sensative about the summertime and this song has always been playing.

HOMEBASE - Man, this album just represents the early 90's 2 perfection. Hip-Hop meets dancable club beats. Homebase waz just what life waz all about.

CODE RED - This is just a dope autumn/winter album. It takes me back 2 late middle skool. I played it for YEARS in heavy rotation.

MEN IN BLACK - I remember the 1st time i heard this song. It waz years after FP said he waz retiring from recording. All of a sudden it came on the radio when i waz driving thru' downtown. I lost my freakin' mind!! I also think about the soundtrack and the entire summer, cuz i couldn't stop playing the song. And when i did, it waz on the radio.

BIG WILLIE STYLE (album) - This entire album just represents my senior year in high skool. I think about the other music at the time, i think about high skool life, i think about the girl i dated and the people i hung out with. It also represents the following year 4 me.

YES YES Y'ALL - This waz one of the BWS songs i heard on the radio b4 the album dropped. But it waz also the song playing in the background when i shared my 1st kiss with my last girlfriend (in 2001).

BOY YOU KNOCK ME OUT - I think about my 1st semester at college, the way i got really involved with theater and the way life waz back then. Freedom, friends, new enviornment.

WILLENNIUM - Man, i got this album just b4 some hard times hit me. I just remember how the sound of the album catered 2 me perfectly. I also had people like Tim established as real online friends at the time so it waz a very mixed kinda time.

THE MAGNIFICENT - Summertime, quality music that just didn't get old. I got a promo copy of the album 4 months b4 it dropped so it waz also crazy exciting 2 have my hands on 4 so long.

BORN TO REIGN (album) - It waz just a crazy, fun, laidback summer. While the music waz a big surprise, that's the same reason i tie it in with that summer.

LOST + FOUND (album) - Another album at the right time. This album dropped at a very hard time 4 me. So just putting it in kinda distracted me from the gritty reality that i waz going thru.'

I might post more songs l8er.

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Code Red (disc) - Always makes me think of Christmas with my family, makes me nostalgic.  I can't help it, every time I listen, I get a content smile on my face.

Same here! I got that album for Christmas from my parents...so I always think back to x-mas!

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Aint no place like home - obvoisly makes me think of home and family. its a really good track when your homesick.

That must be from Code Red because I dont remember it at all. I have to admit at the time I was really into the harder rap. Can someone post it or something?

As far as songs takin me back:

Girls Aint nothin But Trouble - reminds me of an ex of mine that a couple of friends caught cheating on me. They came and got me and she made a smarta$$ remark about me and the star RB's girlfriend. She and her sister proceded to whoop her A$$ something awful. We had to go to court and testify about what happened. We lied our butts off.

Nightmare On My Street - Takes me back to the concert they did with EPMD,PE & Run DMC. Seein Freddy K grab Jeff from behind and drag him off the stage at the end was a great memory.

He' the DJ - My Potna Rico showed up with it out of the blue. Just walked in my room and closed the door and braced a chair up against it. He pulled out a QP and got us blazed :mygod: then he popped in the tape. :dope:

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