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I love these lists..it always makes me listens to music i haven't listened to for a long time.

My list (i've probably forgot someone):




Immortal Technique

Masta Ace



Kool Moe Dee

Big Daddy Kane





Eminem -2001

Dr Dre

Kanye West

Slum Village

The Game (sort of)

Little less known:

Louis Logic


Little Brother


Yak Balls

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There are all different kinds of Hip-Hop.  But originality, being yourself, and sharing your life with others thru' music is what makes real Hip-Hop 2 me.


LL Cool J

Queen Latifah

A Tribe Called Quest

MC Lyte

De La Soul

Leaders Of The New School / Busta Rhymes



Kid 'N Play

Yo Yo

Ice Cube

Arrested Development



Heavy D + The Boyz


Eric B + Rakim

MC Hammer

Sugarhill Gang

The Roots


Digable Planets


Gang Starr

Grandmaster Flash + The Furious Five

Kool Moe Dee



Timbaland + Magoo

Treacherous 3

Beastie Boys

Digital Underground


Brand Nubian

Talib Kweli

Naughty By Nature

Warren G


what a list!!! Right now I really love Will Smith (JJ+FP of course), kanye West, Common, Nas and talib kweli.... I love their songs

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Man I love u for that yo!. HIeroglyphics/Pep Love & even Goapele is strait rockiN. I absolutely loved those concerts we saw 2getha a few years ago. (I bet u 4got didnt u) haha

I agree, its truly ashame, especially when my 8 and 10 year old walks around all the tyme now,... humming tunes. U just don't know how good that makes me feel, them knowing REAL hiphop...

(I try to keep them away from one track tho... "The Birds & the Bees") ... haha :lolsign:



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For the name of God, Slick Rick! He should be mentioned in the first message in this kind of topic.

Damn.. how could he be forgotten. I betta punish myself =S..

King of storytelling.


Pete Rock


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I'd mentioned Slick Rick in my 1st post but I thought this was about rappers out now, well since he's making guest appearances on the Missy Elliot and Az albums and doing shows, he's technically still active, btw speaking of Gangstarr did anyone check out that new Guru album? I didn't get to check it out yet but I don't know why him and Premiere are beefin', I heard Pete Rock and CL Smooth are gonna be working on a comeback too, another legendary DJ-MC duo.

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Abstract rude is great.. stand & deliver is one my favorite chill out songs.

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I haven't really been checkin' the underground scene much lately, I've been mostly listening to my CDs but I find out about a lot of dope mcs from singing up to the undergroundhiphop.com mailing list, they tell you what new songs and albums are coming out that I wouldn't know from TV or radio and you could download tracks for on that site too y'all should check it out for some real hip-hop, nuff props to Tim for getting me into Hieroglyphics, they really are dope! :jazzy:

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I'm aware i missed quite a few people. I like alot of others that u have mentioned. A few of them made me cringe tho' when i saw them mentioned in a post that's supposed 2 be about real Hip-Hop...not just Rap.

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I know now it's a disgrace that people who only listen to commercial rap talk like Biggie, Eminem, Kanye West, and Jay-Z are the greatest lyricists on the planet, there's so many more mcs that deserve more due than them, Diamond D's probably the greatest producer to ever spit on the mic, I heard Paris is pretty damn good too since a lot of Public Enemy fans dig his style, they constantly talk about him on the Enemy Board, Masta Ace been out for over 15 years too puttin' out quality effort, Kool G Rap never gets his due either, Jay-Z and Biggie ran with his style with a lil' less skills and they get ranked ahead of him all the time, it goes on and on how many great mcs there are that get slept on that represent the art of hip-hop, but the MTV format has confused a lot of people since they don't focus on more talented mcs, in fact most of what they play I wouldn't even call real hip-hop!

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