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post who you think makes Real Hiphop thats in the game right now..

mine are

1.Will smith of course

2. Royce5'9 only when hes not raping bout guns and stuff check the album (Death Is Certain)


4. Kayne-Sometimes

can't really think of any others right now

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Well on the commercial scene there's only Will Smith, LL Cool J, Common, Nas, and Public Enemy(since they're coming back with an album next month that hopefully could make some impact) that I'd say are keepin' true to the art of mcing, everyone else I like is underground like Talib Kweli, Mos Def, KRS-ONE, De La Soul, Aceyalone, Souls Of Mischief, Pep Love, Kel Spencer, Quan, Masta Ace, Shuman, Lord Finesse, Supastition, Guru, and MF Doom, the underground is where the art has remained on the most part.

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maybe, though it's probably true since his album diden't sell much-100,000! I think. I bet he'll go into movies (he was in Fast and furious), get more exposure then come back to rap

...damm he was the only rapper I could stand other then will

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definatly mos def and talib kweli

Black star forever!

It is hard to think of real rappers. you might all yell at me for this but i think eminem was real on his first album. maybe not, but a little bit.

oh and fresh ta da:

its KanYe not kaYne

like he says in the new song "its kanye but some of my plaques still say kayne"

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There are all different kinds of Hip-Hop. But originality, being yourself, and sharing your life with others thru' music is what makes real Hip-Hop 2 me.


LL Cool J

Queen Latifah

A Tribe Called Quest

MC Lyte

De La Soul

Leaders Of The New School / Busta Rhymes



Kid 'N Play

Yo Yo

Ice Cube

Arrested Development



Heavy D + The Boyz


Eric B + Rakim

MC Hammer

Sugarhill Gang

The Roots


Digable Planets


Gang Starr

Grandmaster Flash + The Furious Five

Kool Moe Dee



Timbaland + Magoo

Treacherous 3

Beastie Boys

Digital Underground


Brand Nubian

Talib Kweli

Naughty By Nature

Warren G

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