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The Premiership Years 99-00

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There's a show over here on Sky Sports called The Premiership Years, which tells the story of the football (soccer) season in the Uk for a particular year.

They played I'm Coming on a segment where they were telling of major news stories for the month on Janury 2000.

Interesting choice and it worked well. Wonder who put the idea forward to use that.

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lol they used La Fiesta the other day when i was watching Sesame Street with my little brother.

Aah, Sesame Street. How much I used to love them. Especially Cookie Monster.

**Meeeemmmmooorrrriiiiiiiieeesss** :wiggle:

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i heard miss holy roller a couple of weeks ago in a commercial for a tv-show in sweden.

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It was the part with only the beat and first i was like': damn i recognize that beat. Then the talking came in and i was like: heeeeey.

But the tuned down the talking cause it really wasn't much about the song. It was about a tv-show on relationships between different people. I think it was between a couple that were from different religions, don't really remember.

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