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Rank JJFP\Will albums 1-9

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ok here is my list...

1) Codered

2) Lost & Found

3) Willenium

4) He's The DJ I'm The Rapper

5) Big Willie Style

6) And In This Corner

7) Homebase

8) Born To Reign

9) Rock The House (i dont have that record, so i cant really rank it anywhere else in the list)

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Updated Totals

Code Red 190

Lost and Found 189

Willennium 164

He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper 157

Big Willie Style 156

Homebase 133

And in this Corner 81

Rock the House 65

Born to Reign 59

Code Red and Lost and Found are having an amazing battle for first!

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Yup but tho Lost & Found is a very good CD, you always gotta count with some higher votings for it just because its the newest one. Like, lets say this was held in 2002 and Born To Reign was newl released, I think it would be over Rock The House. But yeah, its def an interesting fight btw Wills two "hardest" albums...

And yeah Da Brakes, its for sure time to play the Archive X music in that case :)

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1. Willennium

2. Lost and Found

3. Big Willie Style

4. He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper

5. Homebase

6. Code red

7. Born to reign

8. And in This Corner...

9. Born to Reign


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