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  1. 1. Homebase 2. Code Red 3. Big Willie Style 4. Lost and Found 5. He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper 6. Willennium 7. Rock The House 8. Born To Reign 9. And In This Corner...
  2. This sure as anything will be at number one, and will last just as long if not longer than Switch on the charts. This version sure sounds good, can't wait though for the instrumental version of the song.
  3. it's like the energizer bunny.. it keeps goin' and goin' and goin'.. someone gonna have to take the batteries out or something to make it die.. cause from the looks of it, that isn't possible.
  4. hmm, that's really interesting. cool find. :kool:
  5. Party Starter.. not only the new single.. but its gonna be a hot track for the club this summer.
  6. Bad Religion - Bored and Extremely Dangerous Was listening to - Dumb Dancin'
  7. Even though I only purchased Homebase, and Code Red.. Homebase is the one closest to my heart. You Saw My Blinker, I'm All That, and Ring My Bell, have some meaning to me. Even though I do like Code Red especially Code Red, Something Like Dis', and I Wanna Rock.. I prefer Homebase as of now. Until I get the other JJFP CDs, as of now it's going to be Homebase.
  8. Anyone get the DVD yet? I got it on Saturday, and the extra's on the DVD are great. At least they added the extras this season. Season one the only thing they had extra were a gag reel and then the commentaries for certain eps. My favorite ep of season 2 has to be when Wayne Brady takes over the show. What's your Chappelle moment?
  9. I Want To Rock, is impressive as anything. Actually I'm currently listening to it. Also I have to agree watching that MTV Launch thing in Africa, Jazz was doing great and was highly impressive. We need another callaboration - a full length JJFP album.
  10. Thanks guys.. feels good to be loved. And I do like Homebase out of the two JJFP albums I got, and overall Lost and Found ain't that bad. Party Starter, is a wise choice for his next single. I could honestly see Pump Ya Breaks if he wanted a third single off the album. Great to be here.
  11. Hey.. I'm new here.. first to the forum, and to the whole hip hop genre. Thanks to a good friend of mine on the forum DevilsJim89 for hooking me up with Homebase, and directions on a few other choices I picked out yesterday. Mostly I'd be one listening to punk rock, or rock in school, now I can say, I listen to good clean rap. Holla.
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