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Accurate Albumsales now UP!

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35 SMITH*WILL LOST & FOUND 25,394 3 24,635 418,256

A three percent increase!!

WELL, and i first heard on IC that he had gone platinum worldwide, but i didn't believe it, so i begged my homie at playground (a record company), check it, he said he'd done over 1 million worldwide with alot of sales is Asia and so.

THIS IS DOPE! B2R didn't even go plat worldwide.

With these numbers in the uk it means he's done over 417k and is in a couple of weeks gold!

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He'll probably go gold the first week in july (week 27).

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That's great news! So it is platinum! Now just have to wait for it be gold in the US and then platinum there! Thanx 4 posting!

its gonna be hard here, because in NYC EVERYONE practically except for me adn the homeless have an i-pod and they download tracks so hopefully the album will go platinium but without a dobut well over 1 million i-pods have switch in them wether legally or illegally.

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