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ur not late at all Willreign..today IS my birthday. :thumb:

THANKS EVERYBODY! :grouphug: I took off from work Friday, cuz my sister came to visit me. My Godmother got me a 'well needed' gift... --> fax machine, I got ecards, daughter gave me $100 bucks to pamper myself! (I felt bad cuz she works at AMC theatres, and she only makes $6.50 an hour/ 10 - 15 hrs per week) I got a manicure, new purse and really cute sandals... sis braided my hair.. cards, many b'day wishes, and I ate out every single day...since friday.

WHEW! now I gotta work it off starting tomorrow. haha. (but I planned it that way tho) :antlers:

thank u guys soo much..and it feels great being 21, and even better knowing that I am really still 19 Wes!!! lmbo :kekeke:



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THX. I've still been getting loads of cards and today, someone brought me a HUUGE chocolate chip cookie covered with frosting to look like an american flag, (cuz im a vet.) That was just so thouhtful, but I'm working out so I had a teeny piece. and shared the rest. I would have loved to give u guys some of it too ... haha..



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